The Culture Wars, Part LXII

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Another week and another in a series of looniness from the Left.  The relentless march of the social justice warrior continues. NOTE: TRIGGER WARNING- this posting contains commentary that may be considered of a sexual nature, so hide the eyes of those under the age of 18.



Idiot of the Week

This is a good one.  Dr. Stevie Wonder believes that the recent death of Aretha Franklin is attributable to climate change.  Said the distinguished doctor:

I just feel that all these various diseases that we have and all that is happening in the world in part is because there are those who don’t believe in global warming, don’t believe that what we do affects the world…

Of course, the fact that Aretha Franklin was an overweight, 76-year-old woman had anything to do with it…

Speaking of Climate Change…

A college in Sweden is investigating the link between conservatism, xenophobia and climate change denial.  This research is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency which means it is Swedish taxpayers funding the research.  So apparently, it is right wing nationalism spreading those nasty rumors against climate change.

The Liberation of Animal Crackers

PETA is celebrating the new packaging of Animal Crackers.  The iconic box which displayed animals in caged box cars will be replaced with the same animals now roaming free on the savannas of Africa devouring each other.

OK- This is Just Plain Weird

Not content with the complete emasculation of the human male with charges of toxic masculinity, Professor Laurun Whitworth of St. Mry’s College (MD), writing in Feminist Theory, has found a new sexual identity: ecosexuals.  According to the learned academic, it is someone who finds nature sensual and sexy.  It can be expressed by the use of “fair trade” condoms or chemical-free lubricants. Before one thinks that ecosexuals go out and violate the nearest tree, she also states that defecating outdoors is also a ecosexual act.


And in a Related Move

Healthline is a health information site that services an alleged 85 million people monthly.  According to their “LGBTQIA Safe Sex Guide,” they state that for purposes of their guide, the female genitalia is referred to as the “front hole.”  Why was the “V” word jettisoned? Because “front hole” is more inclusive of trans people who “don’t identify with the labels the medical community attaches to their genitals.”

 MTV Continues to Suck

Remember when MTV was cool and hip?  Remember when they actually played music videos?  They still have their Video Music Awards and by the looks of things, even they are going the way of the dinosaur.  The most recent edition of that relic which included a gaggle of people this writer has never heard of, ratings were down 6% from last year…which were down from the previous year.  In fact, very few people watch this mish-mash of social justice drooling fools crying about a lost election two years ago. When “Jersey Shore” is your go-to programming, you know you have a problem.  Incidentally, living near said Jersey shore, this writer can safely say he has NEVER, EVER met a Snookie.

The Continuing Travails of a 90-Pound Moonbat

The teenage tyrant known as David Hogg is not content with taking away your Second Amendment rights.  He now wants to rule over us and is contemplating a political career with a run for the House. Of course, he’ll have to wait about six years until he turns 25 (according to the Constitution).  One doubts Boss Hogg has read that document, but that’s besides the fact. Perhaps if that day ever comes and he is required to cast a controversial vote, he will hide in a Congressional coat closet and film himself on YouTube.  Dude: your 15 minutes of fame have long expired. Go join Hillary on a secluded woody path and have a glass of Chardonnay… in two years.




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