In Defense of the Patriarchy

I would like to start this article with a supposedly somewhat controversial position.  

We- Western culture- are a patriarchal society and there is no reason to apologize for it.  Furthermore, Christianity is a patriarchal religion and there is no reason to apologize for that either.  Alexis de Tocqueville studied the early American republic and found the operative factor that made democracy in America work: it was a Christian nation.  For democracy to succeed, it needed virtuous characters. He attributed the moral excellence of the citizenry to their Christian faith, beliefs and morals, and thought especially well of its women.  Left unsaid is that these women were the products of a patriarchal culture.


The loss of male authority is a detriment to democracy.  Although our moral Christian framework may have been imparted by men and women alike throughout history, it was males who largely enforced these moral precepts.  Being conditioned to obey since childhood, once reaching adulthood one is predisposed to respect rules or laws whether one agreed with them or not. Hence, the loss of male authority also results in a loss of morality in general.

Previously, Americans learned self-restraint by subordination to an external force- the patriarchal male.  Today, that task has fallen to the law which alone does not inspire obedience in and of itself. If it did, there were would be no crime.  Instead, many reduce it to their own interests or ignore it altogether. When someone does something good, reason cannot dictate that action since reason is value-neutral.  Something else motivates that individual and that motivation is internal and morally dictated.

Today, males are no longer the moral authorities they were previously.  The obvious culprits in this demise are the sexual revolution and liberal divorce laws.  And a culture of single mothers has not provided an adequate replacement. Instead, the source of moral authority is the bureaucratic state. It was sociologist Philip Rieff who stated that behind the hippies were the thugs.  We find those thugs in the people who shoot up schools, in the Black Lives Matter movement, antifa and, yes, white supremacists. They are the living proof of a social order gone terribly wrong. There are commonalities among these people and if one was to do a study, one can almost guarantee there was the lack of a strong male moral authority that binds these people together.


In feminist circles and on college campuses throughout America, masculinity today is portrayed as a pathology.  The sexual revolution taught us that men and women do not understand one another. It should then come as no surprise that feminists push this narrative in elementary schools and colleges.  Often what is objectively normal male behavior is depicted as “bad,” or their new term, “toxic.” The modern third-wave feminist are not happy living in the equal world bestowed to them by their feminist forebearers and instead have embarked upon a program of dismantling society.  This idiocy drives the “73 cents for every male dollar” lie spewed forth ad nauseum. The only reason they offer is because that society was built by men and is therefore rotten. To save society from itself (in their minds), civilization must be cleansed of masculinity.

The first step is to convince everyone else that the notion of gender is some arbitrary construct.  Feminists argue that gender was something made out of thin air to justify violence against women and to suppress them.  It makes sense to them since the fields that did the “making up”- theology, philosophy, science- were dominated by males.  They are largely succeeding in their goal. They are moving onto forcing masculinity out of society in favor of “virtues” like empathy and gentleness, or more feminine attributes.  Games of tag are being banned in some schools and dodgeball is a thing of the quaint past and, God forbid, he who has a piece of pretzel that may look like a gun. In Sweden, advertising regulators have been reprimanding retailers who suggest girls play with dolls and boys with Legos.  At Cambridge in Britain, it has been stated that matching ties worn by different clubs “normalizes and institutionalizes a rape culture.” Seriously? The color of a tie perpetuates a “rape culture?”


Feminists bemoan the lack of women in certain workplaces, but notice the focus of their ire: professional fields, corporate boardrooms, STEM careers.  These are all high-paying, prestigious jobs. Notice they are not demanding more women in the labor intensive fields like agriculture or construction. We do not see feminists protesting against the Teamsters for lack of female truck drivers.

If men “invented” a patriarchy to suppress women, then there must have been some matriarchal Utopia that was overthrown somewhere in our past.  Other than some pagan cultures which worshipped rocks and trees, one doubts it. And I am not referring to cultures ruled by females. No one can deny that England, for example, was a patriarchal society under Elizabeth or Victoria.  Leadership by a woman does not neceassrily equal a matriarchy. It was Bertha Eckstein-Diener whose book Mothers and Amazons popularized the idea that all societies were matriarchal until the big bad men overthrew them.

But, she was not even original in her thoughts.  Friedrich Engels, the contemporary of Marx, used the myth of the matriarchy to justify the overthrow of capitalism.  He said that men “created” capitalism as they acquired material goods and needed a means to pass them on. Thus capitalism is a manifestation of the patriarchy suppressing women.

What these “learned” dolts fail to realize, acknowledge or just plain ignore is the fact that the genius of a patriarchy is that it divides social responsibility along clearly delineated biological lines.  And although there may be exceptions to the norm, no one can argue (except the feminist) that there are biological differences between men and women. Most importantly, by assigning roles to men and women, it sought to protect children.  In terms of human survival, this system worked pretty damn well for the bulk of human history. There may have been some disgruntled folks in the minority, but the system allowed us to get to where we are today.


One of these differences is that males are better at understanding how a system works and how it can be controlled or improved.  There were exceptions- women scientists and inventors- but most of the inventions that changed the world were created by men, not because they held the reigns of power but because of innate abilities.  Males also tend to be more spread out over the continuum on intelligence while females tend to cluster more around the norm. This may help explain why males are the ones who have conquered the forces of the natural world.  All this means is that men tend to be either geniuses or idiots more than women and it certainly does not infer that a woman cannot do what was traditionally a man’s job.

Most importantly, women have less difficulty making peace with the world than men and finding their place in that world.  This may help explain the relative competitiveness of men over the course of history. Because they have this innate competitiveness, they have a greater desire to win.  These factors taken together can create either Jack the Ripper (there are very few women serial killers) or a Mozart (great women classical composers are rare, if any exist), to paraphrase sociologist Camille Paglia.

The oddest assertion is that men seized control of the family for their own malevolent ends.  This does not square with reality. Most men would have been perfectly happy running about getting women pregnant, then disappearing.  But, the patriarchal system disallowed it. In the end, it is a form of social control that forces responsibility upon the male by suppressing the male’s baser instincts for the good of society.  If anything, the patriarchy has been harder on men than on women.


 It is true that perverted masculinity can be a strange and terrifying phenomena.  But, masculinity itself is not a perversion. If so, then we should be thankful for a perversion that brought us fire, the wheel, textiles, medicines, capitalism, rockets, computers, the Internet, democracy and the list goes on.  The only thing feminists get remotely correct is that being male certainly is a privilege if being male brought the world the means by which women could escape the drudgery of an agrarian lifestyle. That patriarchal masculinity feminists are trying to kill off created the framework that bestowed freedoms on humanity, created contraception so women can escape maternal duties, and the battery operated sex toy freeing them of the need for a human male to meet their sexual needs.

Feminists should be thanking males, not tearing them down to create their feminist Utopia based on something that never existed.  They are entering strange and uncharted territory and modern society is paying the price.


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