The Travails of Mad Max(ine)

The Travails of Mad Max(ine)
Image via Flickr Creative Commons by majunznk
Image via Flickr Creative Commons by majunznk

Image via Flickr Creative Commons by majunznk

California Democratic Congressomething Maxine Waters has been quite vocal since the election of Donald Trump.  Somehow, one hopes that she represents the outer fringes progressive/Democratic Party moonbattery, but given the press she receives, its more like she is becoming the unfortunate face of that party.  And one can see that mug almost daily as she pops up on talk shows or videos of her speeches and addresses appear on the Internet.  How deranged is she?  Let us count the ways (and this is just stuff from 2017!).


When she returned from an “Impeach Trump” tour of speaking engagements, she was met at her home by protesters, some with signs that read “Impeach Waters.”  The reason is the perception by many in her district, which includes Compton, that she is simply a terrible representative.  So what got them upset?  Perhaps it is the fact that Compton is $40 million in debt.  Or maybe the fact that the dropout rate in the schools is astronomically high.  Maybe its because their community college lost its accreditation.  Los Angeles county rated the district the worst for homicide rates.  But, she can take heart: Compton has the only bulletproof funeral home in America, so she can count that as an achievement.


Apparently, Auntie Maxine is not aware of the district she represents since she does not even live in the district.  Instead, the 35-year “public servant” purchased a $4 million mansion in an all-white neighborhood to get away from the failing school system, crime and poverty that defines “her” district.  A vocal opponent of Trump’s proposed border wall, Waters sees no problem with constructing a wall around her $4 million mansion.  One wouldn’t want those pesky constituents trespassing on her property, but at least they are present here legally.

Hey…maybe she’s just good at saving money or something, but if you are going to buy a stately mansion, at least make it in the district you represent.


Waters is the ranking Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee which is a scary thought that anyone would allow her to be ranking anything in the House.  As part of that power play, Waters told a crowd in New Orleans:

He knows nothing about the mission of HUD. He doesn’t care about people in public housing. He believes that if you are poor, it is your own fault. And he doesn’t know the difference between an immigrant and a slave…And if he thinks when he comes before my committee where I am the ranking member that I am going to give him a pass… I am going to take his ass apart.

Color me silly, but that sounds like a threat at worst or hate speech at best.  In the same speech, she decided to unload on Attorney General Jeff Sessions  calling him a “racist throwback.”  She then said: “He really did like the KKK until he learned they smoke pot.”


On an edition of The View, reacting to released transcripts of confidential telephone conversations between Trump and foreign leaders, Waters urged more leaks.  When it was noted that the release of such conversations could pose a risk to national security, she brushed aside the concerns and said she wanted to see more leaks.  Of course, the audience broke out in defiant applause especially after national security expert Joy Behar declared that the leakers were really whistle-blowers.


At a Los Angeles Community Review Board meeting, Waters referred to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and HUD Secretary Ben Carson as “white wing nationalists,” a cute turning of a phrase that is funny only in the demented mind of Waters.  Mnuchin may fit the bill; I don’t know, but I doubt it given his ties to some rather liberal causes (not least of which is the Hollywood establishment).  But, Ben Carson a white nationalist?  A statement like this illustrates the mindset of liberals when it comes to black conservatives.  I guess we can count our lucky stars she didn’t go full crazy and call Carson an Oreo or Uncle Tom, but give her time.


At a funeral service for friend, comedian and activist Dick Gregory, Waters used it as an opportunity to put her Trump derangement on full display.  Saying precious few words about her dearly departed friend, she launched into an anti-Trump diatribe for the ages to wild applause from those in attendance.  She claimed that after she was finished with Trump, he would wish he was impeached.  She was going to sanitize the White House after she drove Trump out.  She is offended by Trump and she loves “her” people so much (hint: not the ones she represents in Congress; she moved away from them).  She ended the eulogy with a chant of “Impeach 45 everyday!”


Mad Maxine sees Russian collusion with Trump everywhere!  A now-discredited political opposition dossier is her go-to evidence.  Even where there is no evidence, by her own admission, that doesn’t stop her.  When Jason Chaffetz announced his resignation from the House, Waters said that he too was a puppet of Putin and the Russians.  In the demented mind of this tinfoil hat-wearing moonbat, apparently every politician with an “R” after their name is a dupe of the Russian Federation.  This is a pretty bold statement in light of the fact her Democratic Party had a love affair with communism and the Soviet Union…so much so that icon Ted Kennedy was a dupe of the KGB at one time.  And, unlike her unsubstantiated claims, there is ample evidence for that, not to mention her history of financial corruption.


I concede the fact that Donald Trump is probably the least qualified person to be elected President for a variety of reasons (and none of those reasons involve the word “Russia” or “Putin”).  But, there is one person probably more unqualified and it is Maxine Waters.  That has not stopped some from speculating that she may consider a run and some liberal outlets are actually encouraging it.

Seriously!  D Watkins, an Editor-at-Large with Salon, college professor and author of two best-selling books, suggested that she needs to run for President “because she would make a better president than Donald Trump” and that “she understands the people” (except those in the district she represents).  He further wrote that “she loves millennials and we love her back.”  Did I also mention that being a “strong black woman” is now a qualification for President?

Look out Kamala Harris, you may have some competition.  By the way, Waters will be 82 the next time a presidential election rolls around.


Too numerous to mention.  Just use your Google search engine.  Trust me…they’re there.

It is sad when someone age 79 is being portrayed as the voice of a generation 50 years her junior (move over, Bernie- you’re yesterday’s news).  Or, that news outlets actually give Waters a platform to spout her nonsense which is obviously the musings of a senile, demented mind, or a wig secured too tightly to her head.  But, the saddest fact is that Maxine Waters is now a 35-year veteran of the House of Representatives representing a pi**-poor district that she does not even live in and these poor dupes continue to elect her back to Congress.  But, hey- its California so I guess that explains it.

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