Media Double Standards and Race

Frank Joyce is a lifelong activist for Leftist causes and heads the media arm of an organization called Not In Our Town (NIOT)- a group that describes themselves as anti-hate. He has also penned several articles for various Leftist websites like Alternet and others. In December, 2015 he wrote an article for Alternet that was then republished on Salon, an online publication that reaches an estimated 11 million people monthly, much more than Alternet.


This article by this very white political activist was titled, “White Men Must Be Stopped: The Very Future of Mankind Depends On It.” So that no one misunderstands the point of what is to come, it starts out with this bombastic statement:

The future of life on the planet depends on bringing the 500-year rampage of the white man to a halt. For five centuries his ever more destructive weaponry has become far too common. His widespread and better systems of exploiting other humans and nature dominate the globe.

That is such a loaded statement, but it clearly illustrates the view of some Leftists, especially white ones. Now, compare this with the controversy when John Derbyshire, a writer at National Review, wrote an article on another website that was equally loaded with racist sentiment. The article in question was not even published in National Review. Derbyshire faced the wrath of many and was terminated, although he later surfaced as a regular on many alt-right websites.

The two cases are similar in sentiment (but from different sides), yet the reactions are decidedly different. Salon reaches four times the readers as National Review every month, yet Frank Joyce articles continue to be published on that website. Imagine if a conservative website that reached an audience similar to that of Salon ran a headline called: “Black Men Must Be Stopped: The Very Future of Mankind Depends On It,” or “Gay Men Must Be Stopped.” The Southern Poverty Law Center would decree it “hate speech” and it would end up on some list of “fake news” publications.


Conservative websites like this one and many others are very adamant about keeping racist sentiments and arguments from their content. When they slip through, the community usually takes the writer to task in a form of self-policing that avoids the pitfalls of outright censorship. Unfortunately, the Left does not play by such lofty and laudable rules and, in fact, fans the flames of racism at every opportunity.

Ta-Nahesi Coates is one such example of subtle race-baiters on the Left who is regularly published in mainstream publications. The articles usually decry violence while simultaneously justifying violence. The following is a quote from an article he published in The Atlantic:

Sanctimonious cries of nonviolence will not help. “Retraining” can only do so much. Until we move to the broader question of policy, we can expect to see Walter Scotts and Freddie Grays with some regularity. And the extent to which we are tolerant of the possibility of more Walter Scotts and Freddie Grays is the extent to which we are tolerant of the possibility of more Micah Xavier Johnsons.

In short, the premeditated murder of five police officers in Dallas is to be expected given the “slaughter” of black subjects at the hands of white police officers. He claims that the action in Dallas was “horrific, yet predictable.”


As abhorrent as these sentiments are, another Salon writer, Chauncey DeVega ups the ante even more. In July, 2016 he wrote an article called “All Hate Is Not Equal.” In this article, he does not suggest but states that the actions of Dylann Roof are qualitatively different from those of cop-killers Micah Xavier Johnson and Gavin Long. The latter two are justified given the long history of systematic discrimination against black communities by white-dominated police departments, in his view. Roof’s actions are based on a false, demented worldview (admittedly, they were) while those of Johnson and Long were based on a true worldview. This is summed up in this statement from his article:

The actions of Dylan Roof, Micah Johnson, and Gavin Long are not the same, though they may seem so to those who insist on a very narrow and facile view of race. In this narrow and facile view, we want to apply the identical, symmetrical “rules” to everyone, but it doesn’t work when you’re trying to understand how racial inequality works because it’s asymmetrical. When one group (whites) has a disproportionate share of power, the exact same actions (a mass shooting) can have completely different meanings.

He later quotes a psychologist to add some gravitas to his argument who holds the position that white racism is to blame for blacks killing cops. She- Monnika Williams- even suggests that we should be thankful, given the systemic racism, that more blacks have not killed more white police officers.


One would hope that writers like Coates, DeVega and Joyce are the Leftist outliers in the media. Do most liberals share the belief systems and opinions of these writers? One would hope not. But even more disturbing is the fact that most liberals do not seem disturbed by these beliefs and opinions. There are no calls to ban their articles from websites or magazines. Their beliefs and opinions seem immune from criticism lest those doing the criticizing be labeled a “racist” for taking them to task.

Thomas Sowell once stated that racism is like ketchup- it can be put on almost anything. And then asking for proof will get you branded a “racist.” These are clearly examples of that truism. It is obvious that, unlike conservatism, the Left will not police their own but will instead engage in a game of quiet acquiescence which only perpetuates a perverted, racist worldview. When you have people like Coates who is well-respected in the black community as some kind of pseudo-intellectual also appealing to white liberals who view him as a “voice of reason” and rush to purchase his book, “Between the World and Me,” a book seething with black resentment against whites and American history, this silence is to be expected.

One wonders how many police officers will be killed and how many neighborhoods will be destroyed before the Left wakes up and realizes that “all lives matter.” Excuses, justifications and all the ketchup in the world will not change that immutable fact.



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