Red State CPAC Report 004-0915-26 Feb 2021

Red State CPAC Report 004-0915-26 Feb 2021

Hello Red State! Welcome back to CPAC 2021! This is Report #4. Official Opening! I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but if there was such a thing as Political Energy Fusion, it’s here in Orlando this morning.


The line (s) is (are) already the length of the venue….not a frown in sight!

Waiting for the doors to open!

Then there is this gentleman and an admirer of his sartorial elegance.

Uncle Sam Rocks!

Now…to work…Before we start with the play-by-play, a little housekeeping is in order. As I had asked in previous reports, several of you have named a few “birds you’d like to see flushed out of the brush.” I passed those issues on at our editorial meeting last night. You can look forward to answers as we get them for you. Hopefully as some of you have indicated, we will be able to use CPAC 2021 to separate the sheep from the goats so to speak and be ready for full bore operations come 2022.

Red State Away Team conducting final coordination last night.

As always, we rely on reader input to help us focus. If there are particular people or issues you would like us to bird dog, please let me know in the comments. If possible, we’ll try to run them to ground…

Stay tuned!



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