Opinion: A Trump Future Candidacy Isn’t What Democrats and RINOs Are Afraid Of

Well, folks, our Paladin has set yet another record, that being the only President to be impeached twice…and in a single year no less. How awesome is that?! Once again the old saw applies: Taking flak? You must be over the target. President Trump is indeed over the target.


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Senate Majority Leader (for now) Mitch McConnell is playing it cagey, refusing to schedule an “emergency” trial before the inauguration:

“Given the rules, procedures, and Senate precedents that govern presidential impeachment trials, there is simply no chance that a fair or serious trial could conclude before President-elect Biden is sworn in next week.”

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On the other hand, from TheDay.com

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is likely to start after Joe Biden’s inauguration, and the Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, is telling senators their decision on whether to convict the outgoing president over the Capitol riot will be a “vote of conscience.”

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It’s unclear as to whether or not McConnell will vote to convict President Trump. To be quite frank, it’s not really important. What is important, is his and other RINOs’ objectives for the future. More so than any Democrat, McConnell, Sasse, Cheney, and a host of others, want nothing more than to ensure that the likes of Trump never again appears on the political scene (more on that crew of craven cowards in another article).


There is a reason the term Uniparty has become a common term in conservative circles. As I heard Newt Gingrich once quip, There isn’t a lot of difference between Republicans and Democrats, just about who gets to spend the money. The former Speaker and author of the ”Contract For America,” is correct, especially among the membership of the Senate, where there appears to be more emphasis on “collegiality,” at least by Republicans, than representing the Americans who sent them to DC.

President Donald J. Trump upended a lot of that, starting with his campaign. He didn’t campaign as a “gentlemanly loser,” like McCain or Romney. He took it to the opposition. To this day, I believe that Trump won that election when during one debate, he responded to Clinton’s, “We don’t want you as Chief Law Enforcement Officer” (or words to that effect) with an immediate, ”Because you’d be in jail.” If it weren’t for that, I truly believe we would be getting ready for the re-coronation of the criminal crone from Chappaqua.

Once in office, President Trump did something I haven’t seen in a long time. He set about actually doing the very things he told his supporters he would. He cut taxes. He cut (several more than) two regulations for every new one enacted. He got over 400 miles of new wall built. He moved our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, something long codified in U.S. Law, but never accomplished by preceding administrations.


The President’s list of achievements is way too long to repeat here. However, as a Soldier (albeit an old, fat, retired one), I must give due regard for his most important achievement. By strengthening our military (especially my beloved Army) and negotiating (5 at last count) Middle East Peace Agreements where others have failed for decades, he has greatly lessened the chance that we will have to squander the blood of our youth on pointless wars.

Why this bothers the leftists, is a no-brainer. They are all about bigger government and more control, along with its concomitant increase in taxation. Well, guess what gang? The RINO/Never Trump wing of the Republican Party is pretty much the same in the taxation/budget aspect. President Trump’s one major failure prior to the arrival of the Wuhan Chinese Virus was allowing Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to roll him on that first budget when we held both houses of Congress.

As Newt Gingrich said, it’s all about who gets to spend the money and how much of it there is to spend. Fewer wars means a lot, I mean, a LOT, less spending. Regulatory cuts mean fewer lobbyists. All of that diminishes the power of the D.C. elite. It especially diminishes the power of the ”World’s most exclusive club.” McConnell and his allies hate that. That’s why he supports the impeachment of President Trump.


Both McConnell and Pelosi, along with their followers want to rid the Republican Party of President Trump. Their belief is that if somehow, the Senate (unconstitutionally) convicts him post-Presidency, then he would be ineligible to run for federal office again. I won’t argue the legality of trying to impeach somebody who isn’t holding office. I have several colleagues here at Red State who are much smarter than I am on that subject.

What I will say, I ripped off from Bill Maher, who I believe when asked about a potential Trump candidacy in 2015, allegedly John Oliver, who said ”Do it. Do. It.” Obviously, an attempt at sarcasm intended to hurt the Republican Party and ensure a Clinton win. So, Madam Speaker Pelosi and soon-to-be Senate Majority Leader Schumer…Do it. DO. IT.

(Hat tip to Big Al, one of my readers who caught my faux pax)

Try former President Trump in the Senate. Keep his name in the public eye for the first hundred days of the Harris administration. Let everyone focus on Donald J. Trump. Most especially, continue to enrage the 74 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump and are pretty damned sure the election was stolen.

Best of all, all you RINOs will help Trump keep his base energized. Keep his base energized as they continue to support him…and not as a Presidential candidate, but as a kingmaker. What McConnell needs to be most afraid of, isn’t a second Presidential run by Trump. He needs to be deathly afraid of Donald J. Trump getting involved in Republican primaries for the 2022 mid-terms and the 2024 Presidential and down-ballot races.


President Trump will take Senate candidate sponsorship away from McConnell, who cost us Alabama three years ago and Arizona this year. He will also weigh in on House seats. For some, like Liz Cheney, fleeing from Wyoming to Virginia ain’t gonna help you, sister. The long arm of the Don(ald) (I know, bad Godfather reference) will reach out and touch you.

So please, Democrats and RINOs, keep beating on our Paladin. He can take it. You are just making him and us stronger. We will see you in 2022….and NO, Mitch. this time you don’t get any input on Republican candidates.


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