Opinion: Taking the Wrong Lessons From Capitol Building Protest

Opinion: Taking the Wrong Lessons From Capitol Building Protest
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We are being gaslighted into taking the wrong lessons from Wednesday’s rally/protest in Washington, DC. No question about it, the activities there have really energized the news cycle. Also, there is no question that there were, based on the video and stills I saw, some fairly minor criminal acts, trespassing and property damage and the like.

Of no great surprise however, is the pearl clutching by leftist politicians and of course their fellow travelers, the media. Speaker Pelosi, Minority Leader Schumer, the Junior Senator from California and the former Vice President of these United States, have all come out with self serving statements about the trespass and minor property damage that took place Tuesday afternoon at the U.S. Capitol Building.

All four of these luminaries decried the incident involving few people, almost no violence and minor property damage, as some sort of all out assault on our system of government. Recently declared President Elect Biden blew the incident totally out of proportion claiming:

Joe Biden: “Yesterday, in my view, one of the darkest days in the history of our nation. An unprecedented assault on our democracy”

Read: Biden Makes Bizarre Claim About MAGA Riots At U.S. Capitol, to see more of his demented ramblings.

The above is not unexpected, and moreover, not really important in the bigger scheme of things. After all, leftists, even the demented ones, are going to exaggerate, deflect, gaslight and even flat out lie in order to get what they want. They will take that to even higher levels if they believe they can deliver a mortal blow to an enemy they despise. And they despise President Donald J. Trump. They hate him even more than the formidable Ronaldus Magnus, who with malice and forethought, single handedly brought upon the demise of the former Soviet Union and in so doing liberated the other half of Europe from the thrall of Communism.

What is also not surprising, but still terribly disappointing, is the reaction of folks who are allegedly Trump allies and by extension, the conservative/MAGA movement’s. I’m talking about Republican legislators and cabinet appointees..and even a few “conservative” pundits. Today has been one of their virtue signaling run amok. Along with the typical leftists like Speaker Pelosi and and her sometime ally, Representative Occasionally Cogent, who goes by the moniker AOC, we have yet another mewling Republican virtue signaleer. Representative Adam Kinzinger (R) tweeted:

It’s with a heavy heart I am calling for the sake of our Democracy that the 25th Amendment be invoked.

Along with a video, you can see the entire tweet and video in the article below.

Read: GOP House Member Calls for 25th Amendment to Remove Trump

25th Amendment? For what?! This guy needs to get primaried at the very next opportunity. He isn’t the only political coward. Joining him in morally preening, are a number of White House staffers who have resigned along with at least one Cabinet Member, Mrs. McConnell/Chau

Read: Wave of White House Officials Resign Following Capitol Riots

We’ve also seen a number of other “allies” both legislators and political pundits jumping on this bandwagon. There have been more than a few who claim that the essentially minor incursion (when compared to say the Wisconsin State Capitol/Legislature complete takeover…remember, “This is what democracy looks like!?”) has destroyed our credibility, destroyed the MAGA movement and mad it impossible for us to move forward to deal with voting fraud.

My response to them is to say, “Horsehockey!” This is not only not by any means any “kiss of death.” It’s an opportunity. But only if we refuse to be gaslit by the left as they tried to do all day yesterday and on into today. The media attempted to gaslight the entire United States into believing that there was some sort of massive, violent “assault” and/or out of control riot at the U.S. Capitol building. That is flat out untrue.

I watched the whole thing, and when you compare the misdemeanor trespass and minor property damage compared to a year of ANTIFA/BLM bloody riots, looting, arson and flat out murder or attempted murder of fellow citizens, including police officers, yesterday was essentially a non-incident. Non-incident, except for what appears to be an unwarranted use of deadly force by the police, which resulted in the death of a U.S. citizen and Air Force Veteran with multiple combat tours. And yeah…I saw the video. It wasn’t pretty.

As I wrote yesterday and although I still decry any criminal act committed by a very few individuals, in the greater scheme of things and by objective measure, they were pretty much a nothing burger. They were also the quite expected result of of the mistreatment and marginalization of 74 million Americans.

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Well folks, based on what people are telling me, we can expect more of the same if the weaklings who are allegedly conservative allies, don’t stop with their moral preening and gaslighting conservatives. As my colleague Bonchie said, this garbage about removing President Trump before Inauguration Day, would be an extremely unwise choice.

Read: Has the 25th Amendment Basically Been Invoked?

I will tell you what else might be an unwise and extremely counter productive choice, attempted retribution against Trump supporters, which ABC News is promoting:

Read: ABC News: ‘Getting Rid of Trump Easy Part’; ‘Cleansing’ America of ‘Movement He Commands’ Something Else

There are even some on the left…hopefully the fringe, but these days who knows…who are advocating reeducation of Trump followers. Re-education? Are they serious? Well, based on the actions of the left since Donald Trump got elected (the first time) I would have to say they are indeed serious, deadly serious.

Which brings me to all the virtue signaling, conservative “allies.” They need to stop focusing on the activities inside the Capitol Building yesterday and start focusing on what brought a hundred thousand or more people to Washington, DC in the first place. The folks who are supposedly on the conservative team, need to start doing the redress of grievances thing, as described in the U.S. Constitution.

Conservative politicians and pundits need to address very real concerns. Here are a few as described to me by folks I call “solid citizens,” those folks who got to work, pay taxes and raise their kids and don’t pay a lot of attention to politics…unless backed into a corner. Those folks tell me (a little license with verbiage to protect sources):

Trump didn’t cause what happened yesterday…a “long train of usurpations” did. We finally got tired of being called bitter clingers, deplorables who live in flyover countries. We got tired of being called rubes. When we finally find a Paladin who will fight for us (as flawed as he is) the other side made up a bunch of crap…long since debunked now…and put the country through a two year investigation and impeachment.

The political destruction of a decorated General Officer’s reputation and net worth, over something he didn’t do. When DOJ, finally forced to cough up exculpatory evidence, decided to drop the charges, a corrupt judge appointed another counsel to argue against that.

The press, helped the DNC and the Biden team openly and notoriously steal an election in broad freeking daylight. then the court system refused to hear evidence and grant discovery (except in one case)…and thus the left was able to destroy evidence….ballot envelopes, signature verification…ballots…memory cards.

These folks are telling me, this isn’t about Trump. This is about denying 74 million voters a voice. This is about pushing back on leftist gaslighting…and sadly, some of the same by putative allies.

From what more than a few of my fellow Americans have told me, if there isn’t some change by the right side of the aisle at the National, State and local levels, we can likely see even more and much larger demonstrations. Of course, any student of history will tell you this is what happens if you deliberately marginalize 74 million people.

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