Opinion: Mike Rowe is America’s Everyman

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This undated publicity photo, provided by the Discovery Channel, shows Mike Rowe in protective underwater gear as he hosts an episode of the channel’s “Shark Week,” which airs July 30 through Aug. 4 at 9 p.m. EDT. (AP Photo/Discovery Channel, Claudia Pellarini)

Several days ago, my good friend and colleague Becca Lower penned a most excellent piece on America’s Everyman, Mike Rowe. In it, she outlines Rowe’s response to a commenter who chastised him for continuing to film his shows during the China Virus “pandemic.” His response was cordial, courtly and above all, manly.

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Let me tell you, Mike Rowe is a man’s man and a man with a message…for other men…and a few women too. You might have gotten a hint of that from his polite, yet on point response in Ms Lower’s piece above. But he’s much more than that. We have all seen his series Somebody’s Gotta Do It and Dirty Jobs. Both of these TV series show men and women doing jobs at which a good many Americans would turn their noses up.

Her Steatopygiousness, AKA, the criminal crone from Chappaqua and her followers had more than a few disparaging terms for the folks Mike Rowe promotes. Some of them include: (inhabitants of) flyover country, deplorables, bitter clingers, etc. What she and many leftists just don’t seem to understand, is that it’s the folks Mike Rowe films, who actually make this country go.


I actually observed this in action a couple days ago. Here in the great state of Alabama, we had some major storms whip through. The winds were high enough to snap more than a few telephone poles off at the base. Immediately after the winds had died down to where I could walk upright, the stalwart men of the Coosa Valley Electric Cooperative were out on the road, up in bucket trucks, restoring power. They were doing this in the driving rain and wind. They were braving the elements while Pajama Boys, Obama acolytes, were still cowering in their Mommy’s basement, mewling about lack of power and internet service. I personally watched these guys dealing with busted power poles and HOT electrical lines as they used a combination of brute physical force, knowledge, training and dedication to their fellow Alabamans to restore power to the citizens of Lincoln, Alabama.

These are the folks the left hates. These are the folks whom actually know how to do stuff. They aren’t products of studies degree programs. These are the folks Mike Rowe promotes every week. The left is going to seek to cancel him. Why? Because he is a man’s man. He represents all the things that they are against. Rowe actually knows how to do things. He, like the folks he films, is willing to get down in the muck and get his hands dirty.


Here is the scary part for the leftists. He is giving a voice to a bunch of invisible people that are out here in flyover country. He is promoting on cable TV, the people that the Democrats despise. These are the folks that do stuff, get paid for it and actually pay taxes. These folks are patriotic Americans who stand, don’t kneel for The National Anthem. You can bet that they, like me, will low crawl over broken glass to get to the polls this coming November.

Americans watch Mike Rowe as he celebrates these guys who get down in the muck and get stuff done. Americans contrast Rowe’s heroes with the thugs who are toppling statues, burning businesses and murdering other Americans. Which group do you think they will support?

Mike Rowe gets it. Democrats don’t.


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