Opinion: Win-Win for Trump in November

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President Donald Trump speaks about the coronavirus during a press briefing in the Rose Garden of the White House, Monday, May 11, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

The Democrats are in a lose-lose position for November and they know it. Prior to the arrival of the Wuhan China Virus on our shores, they were preparing themselves for a Trump 2020 victory. They were so convinced of his inevitability, that instead of nominating a credible candidate who would get thoroughly thrashed, they gave (or will shortly) the nomination to former Vice President Joe Biden—this, as the Democrat version of Hollywood’s, “Lifetime Achievement Award.”

Then came the Wuhan China Virus. The Democrats were elated. Not only would President Trump’s greatest achievement — a stellar economy — be destroyed, but its destruction would be accompanied by the spectre of a million or more American deaths. Those deaths, of course, would be attributed to his ineptitude in dealing with the menace from China.

As usual, Donald J. Trump proved all of his detractors wrong. When the Governor of New York State among others, wailed about lack of bed space and needing 40,000 ventilators, President Trump disagreed, but also promised the full might of the American private sector could and would assuage their fears. The Trump Team built several field hospitals and sent two 1,000-bed hospital ships to areas that called for help. Less than 1 percent of that total capacity was ever used.


President Trump promised we’d have more ventilators than we could possibly use, famously quipping, “When we get done, ventilators will be going for $5.00 a pop,” or words to that effect. That also came to pass as the Governors who cried the loudest, ended up passing surplus ventilators to other locales that didn’t have any. The United States is now providing ventilators to other nations, some for free, which by the way for you leftists, is actually less than 5 bucks a pop.

So now we come to our economy, which was torched by our overreaction and continues to be so, because of the actions of leftist governors and mayors. My good friend and colleague, Red State’s very own Bonchie, had this to say,

The possibilities stemming from coronavirus were always fairly focused. Either we were going to have this virus linger and get worse into November, whereby Trump would almost certainly lose, or the virus was going to recede in the summer allowing a massive economic recovery that gains steam heading into November.

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By all indications, and absent some catastrophic event, we are likely to see a huge…YUUUGE recovery prior to November. The stock market, always an indicator of prospective confidence, is already back over 25,000. If the stock market is any indicator, President Trump wins in a landslide.


If the economy fails to make a strong recovery by November as Bonchie points out,

Current polling shows that a majority of Americans 1) don’t blame Trump for the current economic issues and 2) trust Trump more to handle the economy than Biden.

There’s another aspect to this, indeed a gift to Trump from leftist governors and mayors (although not to their constituents). That gift is their recalcitrance in reopening their economies so their citizens can get back to work. Even in Democrat strongholds, President Trump is increasingly being viewed as the good guy, while Democrat executives are increasingly seen as, “Karen.”

President Trump already has a track record, a good one in economic matters. He has been strongly weighing in on opening up for economic reasons. He’s getting traction on that. Democrat mayors and governors are being defied by some of their own constituents who are following the President’s lead. This is even happening in deep-blue California. Barbershops and beauty salons are serving clients, notwithstanding threats of fines or arrest. Churches are holding services. Local Sheriffs are refusing to arrest violators.

Here is the way this will play out come November. There will be two metrics the American people will use to evaluate President Trump: Wuhan China Virus response and economic recovery. In each of these, the President is in a win-win situation.


First, the virus. Come Election Day, red states — and more than a few purple states — will be more or less completely out of lockdown. That will leave many of the blue states under some sort of Karenesque tyranny. By then, and for the most part, the virus will have likely burned itself out for this season. People will look at the red states, none of which experienced horrific casualties from opening up “too early.” They will compare images of Georgians, Alabamans, and Floridians enjoying their lives, with Californians, New Yorkers, and Michiganders, being treated as if they are residents of Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag.

Now on to the economy. Come November, the likely outcome is that red states will be well on the way to economic recovery. Purple states that loosened up along with them, will also be in that position. President Trump, who encouraged opening up and came vocally to the aid of churchgoers, manicurists, and barbers, will cash in on that electorally.

The states that will be left behind to one degree or another, will be the blue states. The harbinger of that can be seen in their mewling for federal bailouts (Cuomo, Newsom, Whitmer). Voters will once again compare the red philosophy of governance promoted by Trump, with the blue philosophy espoused by Karen.


Here is the kicker. Even if the recovery lags a bit, Republican, Independent and (after the economic abuse fomented by Democrat Governors and Mayors) even some Democrat voters, will likely not blame President Trump for the faltering economy. They will, instead, compare his previous results and demonstrated abilities with Joe Biden’s bumbling, incoherent proposals and flip the lever for Trump.

In both Wuhan China Virus response and economic recovery, President Trump holds all the cards. The Democrats know this. Look for increasingly out of control and outrageous attacks on the President and us, his supporters. Having said that, be of good cheer. We have them on the ropes.


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