Opinion: Emotion, Not Cognition or; Democrats Just Can’t Do Math

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Democratic presidential candidate, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks to campaign workers and supporters in Minneapolis Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020, as he opens the first field office in Minnesota and meets with local community leaders and voters to share his vision for the country. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)


The American Left just can’t seem to do math. We’re all familiar with the various proposals put forth by the ever dwindling crop of Democrat primary contenders. From Elizabeth Warren’s student loan “forgiveness,” to Bernie Sanders’ 30 Trillion Dollar health care proposal, either ignore or just can’t figure out that the largess they propose, would end up costing more than our entire Gross Domestic Product. Both they and their followers ignore all that because “Everyone should get to go to college!” or “Everyone has a right to health care!” The numbers be damned. Quite frankly, I’m still unsure whether to attribute this to malice or stupidity.

Now comes my good friend and colleague Kira Davis, who makes a great case for the latter. She points out a tweet from Mekita Rivas a writer for Glamour Magazine and the Washington Post. In her tweet Rivas claims that instead of blowing his half billion on a failed campaign, Bloomberg could have instead, given every American (320 million or so of us) a million apiece and had money left over. For all the math impaired leftists out there, 500 million dollars spread over 320 million Americans is about $1.56 apiece.

What’s worse, there were other nationally known news personages who went right along with this lesson in liberal math. I’ll let Kira tell you the rest of that story.

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One of our favorites Politicians, the inestimable Congressman @DanCrenshawTX got in the act, also dunking on Ms. Rivas. @SisterToldjah found this gem for me

Remember folks, this is the team that believes it can run our multi-trillion dollar economy. Oddly enough, neither of the two members of that team currently duking it out for the Democrat Party Presidential nomination has ever held a private sector job, much less run a business. Yet, they both, along with their cult like followers, believe they are qualified to run an entire economy.

This is the team that believes the 14 parts per million of man produced CO2 in the atmosphere, is somehow changing the Earth’s climate because…Science! As I’ve mentioned before, you don’t need to have a PhD in climate studies to know that 14 PPM moving the temperature needle is flat out idiotic. It would be like the two bozos wearing Tiger Orange in Tuscaloosa Stadium (capacity over 100,000) trying to be heard in a sea of Crimson (Roll!) Tide. Not. Happening. Lately.

Last but not least, we come to the long…I mean way before Robert Mueller even got his investigation well off the ground…debunked Russian Interference hoax. If the charade of hearings and criminal prosecutions of nothing remotely related to the stated purpose of that investigation wasn’t enough to kill it, now comes Michael Bloomberg.


The former New York City Mayor spent over 500 million dollars on a failed Democrat Presidential Primary run. He managed to amass whopping 31 pledged delegates. This, depending on your sources, translates to approximately 16.1 million dollars per delegate. Does this sound like a guy we’d like running our economy? My good friend and colleague Brad Slager has the details on this in his VIP article.

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Here is the question that should (but of course won’t) put paid to the Democrat and Vichy Republican mewling about Russian interference in our 2016 presidential election. Think about this. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg spent over 500 million dollars on his primary run, spending it on blanket TV & Radio ads and such. However, he couldn’t even make the finals against an avowed socialist and a doddering, gaffe prone old man. By what thought process could any cogent human being believe the Russians had any noticeable influence on our election by spending a couple hundred thousand dollars on Facebook ads and a bot farm? Please!


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