Opinion: Jeff Bezos Advances the Democrat Agenda.

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As reported by CNN Business, Gazillionaire Jeff Bezos has pledged Ten Billion of his own, to tilt at the leftist created windmill known as, “climate change.” From CNN’s article.


San Francisco (CNN Business) Jeff Bezos is throwing his weight — and wealth — behind the fight against climate change months after Amazon employees publicly pressured him and the company to do more to address the issue.
The Amazon (AMZN) CEO on Monday announced a new fund to back scientists, activists and organizations working to mitigate the impact of climate change. Bezos will commit $10 billion “to start,” he said in an Instagram post.

The initiative, called the Bezos Earth Fund, will begin giving out grants this summer. The $10 billion commitment constitutes less than 8% of the world’s richest man’s estimated $130 billion net worth.

Read: Jeff Bezos commits $10 billion to fight climate change

There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s get the easy one out of the way. “The $10 billion commitment constitutes less than 8% of the world’s richest man’s estimated $130 billion net worth.” The left really cannot stand people of real accomplishment. Even I, as a staunch conservative have to admire a guy who has built such an empire based on innovative thought…even though he is a leftist. Other leftists? They just can’t do it, even for somebody who is purportedly on their own team. “Constitutes less than 8%.” Good grief. I can’t think of any charity that wouldn’t do backflips over a gift such as that. Leftists just have to take the shot.


Let’s move on to the meat of the issue…Climate Change. Bezos is going to spend $10 billion of his own money on this chimera. Where does he propose to spend it? In China? In India? How about Indonesia? All of these have much worse air quality than the United States. Their CO2 emissions are also increasing. They are the ones actually putting harmful stuff in the air. The United States, on the other hand, has continued to have better air quality and declining emissions, despite departing the Kyoto and Paris Agreements—agreements which would have arguably been huge anchors on the United States economy. Why would Bezos focus on the United States?

Because Jeff Bezos doesn’t really give a rat’s rump about climate change. He didn’t get to be a multi-billionaire by believing that the 14 parts per million (2 parts out of 100,000) that is Mankind’s CO2 contribution, is moving the needle on global temperatures one whit. What he does care about, is Jeff Bezos’s business. He cares about his supply chain. He is using this made-up crisis to help him exert total control over his global supply chain—which by the way, starts in China, India, Indonesia and the like. It ends at your doorstep. This is the segment he really wants control over. To do so, he needs to control where you live.


Recently he has expanded his capabilities by starting an Amazon Truck/van delivery service. Now he is fighting in the UPS/FEDEX/USPS battlespace and, given his record, will eventually control most of it and that segment of his supply chain. Quite naturally, deliveries to a small lakefront cottage on a lake in Alabama are much more costly in terms of time and resources, than backing up a semi-trailer to a single loading dock in some apartment megatropolis. Can you say, “Huge gain in supply chain efficiencies?” Of course you can.

Due to Bezos’s vision, Amazon has slowly become a behemoth astride global economy. Part of his technique has been if not able to directly control resources, then to do so indirectly, leveraging other assets that support his mission. The last resource he needs is you and I. If he can get us all into gigantic warehouses and out of the countryside, his delivery issues totally disappear.

Thus far, the only thing slowing him down, is what’s called the “last mile” concept, where delivery companies such as FedEx and UPS, contract with the United States Post Office to do “last mile” delivery” to remoter locations, thus keeping the cost down. If ol’ Jeff can get Americans warehoused in mega-apartment complexes, then the “last mile” delivery will no longer matter.


Interestingly enough, the very people who provided him the excuse for this latest public feel-good exercise were his own workers who, according to the article, demanded that he put his money where his mouth is on climate change. As Bezos achieves his vision of a fully automated supply/delivery chain, those very workers will be out of a job, warehoused in some gigantic apartment complex waiting for their weekly deliveries of whatever Bezos allows them to have.

Jeff Bezos isn’t about climate change. He is about increasing Jeff Bezos’s wealth. That’s all well and good…until he tries to use his leverage and near-monopoly to move me and Her Majesty out of the nice little lakefront cottage we now enjoy in our golden years.


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