Opinion: Meanwhile President Trump Gets Results on Immigration, Border Security, and Elsewhere

President Donald Trump tours a section of the southern border wall, Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019, in Otay Mesa, Calif. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Time to take a few breaths of clean cool air — air that has not been sucked out of the political room by the Democrat Beach Scene in Lord of the Fies, masquerading as a “somber, prayerful, constitutional“ procedure. While the DC punditry and political groupies have been all-in on all Impeachment, all the time, President Trump has continued to rack up accomplishment after accomplishment. While President Trump uses his laser pointer to stir up the media cats and keep their attention, off to the side he has been sowing the seeds of success, much of which is starting to come to fruition.


The President effectively used the State Of The Union address to touch on many of these, such as job numbers, deregulation, prison reform, and also immigration. It’s the latter I’d like to focus on here. We all know that the centerpiece of then-candidate Donald Trump’s position on immigration was “Build The Wall!” “Build The Wall and make Mexico pay for it.”

Of course, the leftists and a few of their RINO enablers scoffed at the idea that Mexico would pay for the wall. Their problem? Like so many people, they insist on taking Donald Trump literally instead of seriously. Nobody in his right mind thought that Mexico’s Treasurer was going to whip out a checkbook and send us 6 Billion Dollars. As I noted some time ago, the President has a bevy of methods to secure such payment, such as increasing the fee for visas, increasing the toll on the cross border bridges, or taxing remittances.

Like Mexico writing a check, those are direct and obvious methods. As the past three years have demonstrated, not all is obvious when it comes to President Trump. Now comes some new evidence for that.


Late this past January, Jason Peña of the Center for Immigration Studies wrote

Mexico’s National Migration Institute (INM) published a press release Monday announcing the deportations of  approximately 2,303 Honduran migrants from January 18 to 27.

Read: Mexico Deports More than 2,000 Caravan Migrants to Honduras

Remember President Trump’s agreement with Mexico? You know, the one where Mexico agreed to either hold would-be asylum seekers in Mexico or send them home? It seems as though Mexico has had enough of the strain on its economy and the harm that the criminal element embedded within the asylum population is bringing upon its citizens and has decided to begin forcible removal.

Here’s where the money comes in. Each of these so-called asylum seekers, upon entry to these United States, on average, costs the American Taxpayer $80,000.00. That’s correct. By the time we get done with processing costs, SNAP, Medicaid and other assistance meant to be a safety net for Americans, each of these folks costs us eighty thousand dollars!

Now folks, let’s do some math! $80,000.00 X 2303 Hondurans sent home equals, $184,240,000.00. That’s 180 million dollars that our taxpayers aren’t having to pay. Or, that’s the same amount that could be directed towards funding more wall. Thank you, Mexico! Thank you, President Trump.



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