Thanksgiving Day Thank You to Our Readers

Happy Thanksgiving, RedState! On this day we all take a moment to be with family and friends, so that we can give thanks to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for being able to enjoy the bounty he has blessed us with. Chief among these blessings is that of Human Liberty, sprung from God’s original gift to mankind—Free Will. We are privileged by the grace of God to live in the land of greatest liberty ever conceived.

Another blessing that we at RedState wish to express thanks for, is You, our loyal readers. We all appreciate Your readership and especially, Your commentary. We cannot continue to advance conservative thought without Your help. So, Thank You for being on our team. Our sincerest wish is that You enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving Day with your families.

Happy Thanksgiving!



I also wanted to add a note of thanks to Red State readers, my RS colleagues, and the Townhall team. I was laid off at my job of nearly 18 years at the first of the year, and afterwards decided to take a chance at freelance writing and being my own boss after running my own blog on the side for well over a decade. You have helped me realize my lifelong dream, and I will always be thankful for that!

Best wishes for a blessed and safe Thanksgiving holiday, y’all.

–Sister T.


We are blessed even in adversity. May everyone have a peaceful and blessed Turkey Day!


Happy Thanksgiving to all. RedState has been a part of my life for 15 years. What kept me here was the community. Thanks for your loyalty and your support.



I have enjoyed my year at RedState more than I ever would have imagined. Thanks to everyone. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Betsy Vaughn