Wages Will Go Up When Illegal Aliens Are Deported.

Wages Will Go Up When Illegal Aliens Are Deported.

The Mississippi Clarion Ledger reports that Koch Foods is holding a job fair this coming Monday in hopes of replacing workers caught up in this past week’s ICE raids.


From the article

Koch Foods announced on Facebook that the company will host a job fair on Monday after many of its workers at its two Mississippi plants were swept up in an immigration raid Wednesday.

The raids by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement targeted small towns in Mississippi with a workforce made up largely of Latino immigrants. Koch Foods Inc. processing plants in Pelahatchie and Morton were raided as well as PH Food in Morton, Pearl River Foods’ plant in Carthage and Peco Foods Inc. plants in Canton, Bay Springs and Sebastopol.

This is a good thing and will have two salutary effects on the economy in Koch plant locales. First of all, for at least some period of time, these plants will be 100% staffed by legal resident aliens, legal guest workers or American citizens.

Koch Foods also stated that it is committed to the use of E-Verify

In a press release, Koch Foods said they are cooperating with the government’s ongoing investigation and they are diligent about their compliance with state and federal employment eligibility laws. They use the federal government database E-Verify to screen new hires.

A continued commitment to the use of E-verify, if actually followed through on should stop this sort of thing in the future at Koch facilities. Though I must wonder, if they claim to already be using E-Verify, how come so many illegals were working there?


The secondary effect here, is going to be an increase in wages at those facilities, at least for the new hires. Fast replacement in a job market such as we have now, statistically full employment, means that Koch Foods is going to have to throw some money at this problem…and fast. That will be the only way to quickly hire workers for jobs such as these in our tight labor market, is to pay these folks more than they have been.

This is a prime example of how multiple avenues of approach, fewer regulations, tax relief and immigration enforcement can not only result in more Americans being employed, but also, higher wages that come along with that employment.

Mike Ford, a retired Infantry Officer, writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

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