LIVE BLOG: Second Democrat Debate (Part A)

Helloooooo Red State! Welcome to the Live Blog of the Democrat Primary Debates; Round 2, Part A. My name is Mike Ford, one of your Front Page Contributors and I’ll be your host. Tonight we’ve gathered several Red State Front Page Writers to comment live as the Democrat debate proceeds. This allows us to have multiple sets of eyes & ears as we assess this event and make predictions.


As always, your eyes & ears and YOUR comments on the debate are critically important. Red State cannot succeed without engagement from you.

What’s a political debate without a contest? As we know, “racism” is the singular Democrat issue, especially since they can’t win on substance. In the comments section below, I’ve started a “number of times race/racism is mentioned” thread and announced my number. If you want to play, post your number below mine in the same thread. At 8:15PM, I’ll close the thread and tally votes/picks. As soon as possible after the debate, I’ll announce the winner.

Remember, we aren’t like the left. We are Happy Warriors because we know we are the good guys. The debate begins at 8:00PM. Feel free to chime in beforehand with predictions, commentary or just general levity. Have fun!




10:48PM-Mike Ford: I’d like to thank everyone who showed up to listen to and comment on tonight’s debates. Red State sincerely appreciates your help.

10:30PM-Mike Ford: Closing arguments…Please comment on what these leftists are promoting

10:27PM-Mike Ford: Elizabeth Warren has absolutely no clue how deterrence works. It’s totally obvious that CNN is protecting her when other folks who understand war-fighting, push back onto her flaccid understanding of combat.

10:17PM-Mike Ford: “Mayor” Butt Boy has just told the Taliban how long they have to hang on until US Troop’s will stop killing them.


10:12PM: It’s obvious that Marianne Williamson is there for comedic value

9:57PM-Mike Ford: Tim Ryan ought to be a Republican…he speaks of Tactical, Operational and Strategic Trade Policy…then the moderator gives Warren extra time to spew a bunch of pablum.

9:52PM-Mike Ford: So far, the moderators are shutting out common sense candidates from the discussion. Any candidate that happens to actually understand how economics works, or who has actually run a profitable company that…no-kiddin’, actually employes people gets cut off in mid sentence.

9:46PM-Mike Ford: Reparations…the weirdo (Williamson) says we should pay reparations

9:42PM-Mike Ford: “Diversity” The question that allows every candidate to smack President Trump…while proposing not one real solution.

9:40PM-Mike-Ford: Here we go…”President Trump has based his campaign on racism”…what a leading question

9:33PM-Mike Ford: General note. I’ve seen that whenever a “moderate,” read “Democrat who espouses some conservative/Republican values,” moderators jump to the loony tones, Marianne…author of spiritual moon child…oh, I give up.

9:26 – Brad Slager: Liz Warren has a green energy program that she says, “Nobody wants to talk about!” Maybe because she will not want to talk about the dozens of failed companies and endless of billions that Obama set on fire in his new energy programs.



9:23 – Brad Slager: Liz Warren is upset that insurance companies have people fill out dozens of pages of forms. She actually thinks a government program will create LESS paperwork?!?!  #ThatWouldBeAFirst

9:16PM-Mike Ford: Just watched Bernice Sanders compare being a Mayor of a teeny tiny town, to being a mayor of an entire state. Does ANYBODY have some more popcorn?!

9:15PM-Mike Ford: General note. I’ve seen that whenever a “moderate,” read “Democrat who espouses some conservative/Republican values,” moderators jump to the loony tones, Marianne…author of spiritual yadayada.

9:12PM-Betsy Vaughn: Major eye roll from Hickenlooper when Bernie said every poll has him leading Trump.

9:11PM-Betsy Vaughn: Stephen Green from PJ Media on Beto:

I said everything I’ll ever need to say about Beta, months ago on Instapundit:

Looks like Bobby, drives like Ted.

He’s done.

8:57PM-Mike Ford: Buttegege is a disgrace to his commission. He has no idea why the Second Amendment is in place.

8:54PM-Mike Ford: I’m full of popcorn watching Democrats arguing whether or not crossing the border is illegal; and whether illegal aliens should get free health care.

8:52 – Brad Slager: Liz Warren has a bold plan to fix illegal entry. “We’ll decriminalize illegal entry!” So her solution to a crime is to eliminate calling it a crime. Problem solved! And now she is trying to say “Laws Matter”. How does she even think of reconciling this?!


8:48PM-Mike Ford: Rep Tim Ryan defends Employer provided insurance…Tapper jumps in to smack Sanders. There is now a food fight going on…essentially stating ObamaCare is unworkable.

8:39-Brad Slager: Again Sen. Warren is given all the latitude and she can blast by the time constraints — all while having carped about Trump not following rules.

8:37PM-Mike Ford: I’m not believing this. CNN, CNN! keeps asking the candidates about raising taxes to provide health care and nobody will answer the question. These folks are gutting their own team. Does anyone else out there have some popcorn I could borrow?

8:21PM-Mike Ford: Robert O’Rourke Again prioritizes the wants of illegal aliens over Americans

8:21 – Brad Slager:  Beto at these debates looks like a middle school student desperately trying to remember his book report in front of the class. He REALLY needs to stand on furniture to get a point across.

8:12PM – Joe Cunningham: Tim Ryan does not put his hand over his heart. CNN goes to commercial break. Capitalism wins the debate.

8:17PM-Mike-Ford: Delaney is scary he COULD drag some R’s over in the General. He knows middle America-speak

8:10PM-Mike Ford: Sorry, I misse a couple intros…who is the ONE bonehead with his hands over his crotch instead of his heart during our National Anthem?


8:07PM-Mike Ford: The contenders are:

Bernie Sanders, U.S. senator from Vermont
Elizabeth Warren, U.S. senator from Massachusetts
Pete Buttigieg, South Bend, Ind., mayor
Beto O’Rourke, former U.S. representative from Texas
Amy Klobuchar, U.S. senator from Minnesota
Steve Bullock, Montana governor
John Delaney, former U.S. representative from Maryland
John Hickenlooper, former Colorado governor
Tim Ryan, U.S. representative from Ohio
Marianne Williamson, author

7:58 – Brad Slager: CNN is not even operating on the pretense of objectivity tonight; good luck finding a conservative voice on any of their panels. I heard a number of those in seats saying “We” while describing Democrats.

7:46- Brad Slager: DNC Chair Tom Perez doing his best Microsoft Software rollout speech. He sounded angry, while praising the Democrats for their accomplishments — including THEY landed a man on the Moon?!?!

7:51PM-Mike Ford: DNC Chair, Tom Perez understands what’s at stake…”No matter what, we need to elect a Democrat.” Republicans, especially the RINOs and never-Trumpers, need to understand this simple concept. Even the CNN pundits get it.

7:45PM-Mike Ford:“We believe in Baltimore!” Really??

7:43PM-Mike Ford: Only meme from DNC Chair that MIGHT work: DEMOCRAT for President.

7:31PM-Mike Ford: Contest is now open. See comments section.


7:30PM-Mike Ford: Live Blog is now open. Welcome!

7:28PM-Mike Ford: Candidates arrive on stage

7:20PM-Mike Ford: Richard Trumpka now speaking. How out of synch is he with his rank and file. “Mother wonders when great economy will reach her paycheck.” His rank and file are already getting that benefit. Government isn’t taking as much of it

7:20PM-Mike Ford: Michigan Governor is opening speaker. She says that the path to the Presidency is through Michigan…and makes sure to talk about their roads.


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