Elijah Cummings Can’t Hide Behind The Race Card Anymore

Elijah Cummings Can’t Hide Behind The Race Card Anymore

Previously I referred to a Wall Street Journal calling President Trump a “Brawler For Democracy.” He is indeed. Moreover, there’s a newly discovered benefit to President Trump’s bumptious, brawling style. Understanding that great minds think like mine, even the great Rush Limbaugh hinted at this new effect on his morning show yesterday…as I was busily drafting out this article; so I’m still taking the credit.


President Trump has made it such that no one is immune from accountability for their words and actions. He has refused to be cowed by certain personages whose personal status (war hero, civil rights icon, washed up football player) has heretofore made them off limits to criticism.

In one example of this, President Trump, provided stellar support, including aircraft from the Presidential fleet for Senator John McCain’s funeral. How did McCain’s ungrateful family respond? They made His funeral a week long “bash Trump” event. When the President quite rightly responded to some of the more over the top comments by the McCain family and their retainers, he got scorched by the leftists for “speaking ill of the dead.” What a crock. The McCain family got exactly what they deserved. As for the leftists, it was only a few years ago that they were talking about McCain just as they do President Trump. As time goes on, John McCain will be remembered not as a “maverick,” but for his perfidious conduct.

Fast forward to this last Sunday’s series of tweets by the President criticizing civil rights “icon” Elijah Cummings. President Trump quite rightly called out Rep. Cummings for his ill-mannered tirade against the Chief of Homeland Security. During that shouting session, Cummings made a series of offensive and completely false accusations regarding conditions at border detention facilities. accusations. Interestingly, Cummings hasn’t been to the border facilities in question that I am aware of.


Not a bit fazed by Cummings’s civil rights armor plating, President Trump called him out in a series of tweets Sunday, basically telling him to deal with the squalid conditions in his own district before he makes (patently false) accusations about somebody else’s area of responsibility. This is classic Trump. Not just the part about him being willing to return fire when fired upon, but also the willingness to push back against the left’s almost automatic use of the race card by stripping away that protective armor. This is important. Heretofore, when a member of our side inevitably got hit with the race card (usually when the other side realized they were losing on the merits) our guy would cringe meekly say, “Oh! I’m sorry,” and slink away.

That didn’t happen this time. While the left stridently and expectedly screeched, “Raaayciss!” President Trump didn’t apologize. He didn’t back down. He doubled down. Suddenly, there appeared first a trickle, then a stream of stories…and video footage of Democrats such as Bernie Sanders talking about Baltimore, saying the same thing as President Trump. More video surfaced of City of Baltimore officials, again saying essentially the same thing as The President. To make matters worse (for the Democrats) somebody unearthed an old NPR segment entitled “Rattown,” discussing the sanitation problem in Baltimore. The icing on the cake however, has been video footage of several residents of Cummings’ district stating for all the World to hear, that he hasn’t done anything for them or their District.


Representative Cummings has been living on his reputation for several decades. What has he accomplished for the citizens of his district? Nothing. Their only value to him, is once every two years when they flip the lever for him. Calling him out isn’t racist. As the militant teachers in Wisconsin said as they climbed through the State Capital windows to protest actually having to work, “This is what Democracy looks like.”

If President Trump had reacted when confronted, as previous Republican Presidents or failed candidates, none of this would have come out. Representative Elijah Cummings would have never been outed as a living on the achievements of another era. What President Trump has given our side, is permission to fight back.

Mike Ford, a retired Infantry Officer, writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

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