The Mueller Cover Up

Robert Mueller by DonkeyHotey, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Robert Mueller by DonkeyHotey, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Yesterday’s American Spectator had a great take on the 22 month & 40 million dollar Mueller investigation persecution of President Trump and pretty much anyone of note who had the poor judgement to be involved in his campaign. It’s by no means an original idea, but George Parry lays out the best case I’ve seen so far that the Mueller investigation was primarily an attempt to deflect attention from and ultimately cover up, a domestic criminal conspiracy to prevent the election of Donald Trump and upon failing to do that, hamstring him as Chief Executive. From the article:


But just because Mueller and his team of Hillary Clinton sycophants reached the right conclusions does not mean that they conducted a righteous investigation. In that regard, given that the Special Counsel’s Office did not charge the persons who fabricated and used the Russia collusion fable to undermine Trump’s campaign and presidency, it would appear that, far from being impartial seekers of truth following the trail of evidence regardless of the political consequences, they were a get-Trump lynch party that simply ran out of rope.

The article goes on to detail the sequence of events and personnel involved in the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel—events that led to a 22 month investigation, expenditure of 40 million dollars of taxpayer money, yet resulting in not one, NOT ONE indictment of any American for illegal cooperation/coordination with the Russians in order to help elect Donald Trump. So why did we have to go through all of this?

further down, an answer of sorts:

In short, the Special Counsel’s Office had and made ample use of massive resources to carry out Rosenstein’s order. Nevertheless, given that the Special Counsel’s Office has brought no charges in regard to the FBI and Justice Department’s efforts to undermine a presidential campaign and to unwind a presidential election as well as Clinton’s blatant and eminently provable mishandling of classified information, what may we conclude about its integrity and impartiality?


And finally, the money quote:

Put another way, how is it that Team Mueller apparently missed or ignored so many 800 pound gorillas in the room?

Missed? Ignored? How about blatantly covered up? What happens when we compare the totally unfounded accusations towards Donald Trump, with the open and notorious criminality of the Clintonistas? It’s really not that hard a stretch to identify the Mueller persecution as a classic case of projection—Clinton’s crimes onto Trump, his family and his associates, whose only “crime,“ was to defeat the Democrats’ Designated Drunk.

As my good friend Streiff said here, we don’t need to be taking Karl Rove’s advice to turn the other cheek. This is our opportunity to defeat these criminals—to bring them to heel like the rabid cur dogs they are. Parry and Streiff both lay out good cases for doing this. Attorney General Barr needs to step up.

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