Trump Vindicated! Now What? Part III (The Clintons)

3 days ago Attorney General Barr released his letter summarizing Special Persecutor Mueller’s conclusions and essentially exonerating President Trump and the Trump campaign of “collusion” with the Russians, also clearing Trump of the non-charge of obstruction of justice. As I noted earlier this week, a little spiking the ball is to be expected, especially given the egregious attacks on we conservatives and our chosen Paladin.


Now that a few days have passed, the leftists are no doubt pleased to see that the complete exoneration of the President is off the front page, replaced by the obviously corrupt acquittal of a third rate actor trading on his personal demographic scoresheet. In the previous two articles in this series, here and here, I spoke of actions we need to take now that we’re done celebrating. We must focus on Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton and the corrupt organization known as the Clinton Foundation.

The Attorney General needs to put together a Department of Justice Task Force to bring these miscreants to justice. Like I’ve mentioned in previous articles, not to investigate particular persons until we find a crime, but rather to investigate open and notorious acts of corruption by the Clintons and the folks in their orbit.

Here are just a few items to examine:

Hillary Clinton’s (mis) handling of classified information. Any current or former military member reading this would agree. that if any of us had done anything remotely resembling Clinton’s actions, we’d still be UNDER Fort Leavenworth.

Uranium One. Did Secretary of State Clinton corruptly approve the sale of U.S. Uranium resources to the Russians? There’s your case for collusion.

What was the relationship between ex-President Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein? Specifically, was President Clinton ever involved with the procurement of under-age females for sex?


Did the Secretary and the Clinton Foundation corruptly steer U.S. taxpayer supplied Haitian earthquake relief money to their business cronies?

Side note, when Secretary of State Clinton arrived down in Haiti to observe the U.S. earthquake relief efforts, she was met by a good friend of mine Colonel John Doe (a pseudonym). Our unit was there to provide military logistics support. After she finished fawning over the U.N. folks there, she turned her gaze upon my buddy COL Doe, who introduced himself and told her he was prepared to brief her on the extent and effectiveness of the military support operation. Ignoring him, she asked where the cameras (press) were. Another officer answered that they would be there in 30 minutes or so. Clinton, speaking to her security detail then said, “I’m out of here.” She then waddled over to her stretch limo, got in and along with her entourage, took off.

The above anecdote is just one example of how the Clintons and their ilk, consider themselves above all of us hoi polloi and certainly not bound by our rules. A rigorous investigation, based on probable cause, that a crime(s) was committed is the way to put all of these folks on notice—notice that they are NOT above the law. Yes, we won, this round. Our Paladin was vindicated. But we cannot let bygones be bygones and just “move on.” As my fellow Red Stater davenj1 says, “It’s time to take some heads.” I would add, starting with the Clintons.


Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Officer who writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

Follow him on Twitter: @MikeFor10394583

You can find his other Red State work here.

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Trump Vindicated! Now What? Part III (The Clintons)


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