Beware The Leaks!

Yesterday, I kicked out a couple of notes, here and here, regarding the soon-expected production and likely selective leaking of the Mueller “collusion” report. As we get closer to “the day,” there will be a steady series of leaks, leaks calculated to cause the most damage to President Donald J. Trump.


Mr. President, I know you are a counterpuncher. You never attack, unless hit first. No problem, Sir. Look at it this way: The Mueller Report, whether published or not, leaked or not, is the “punch.” You need to counterpunch and before it gets leaked and in such a fashion that the real truth will never out. Fortunately, you are the Chief Executive of the Executive Branch of our Federal Government. Big surprise here—newly nominated and recently confirmed Attorney General Barr works for you. Improperly-appointed and loose legal cannon, Special Counsel Robert Mueller also works for you.

Call them in, along with their direct reports…and their direct reports… and issue the following guidance:

1. Any and all work product, to include, but not limited to The Final Report, regarding the “Mueller Investigation” is hereby classified as “TOP SECRET/Presidential.”

2. No information contained therein will be released without specific permission of the President or the Attorney General

3. Nobody, under pain of prosecution, will release any information regarding this investigation without specific permission from the President or the Attorney General.


From that point on, You, or your designees may release and explain such parts of the Mueller report as You may see fit. Anyone else who does so will be subject to felony charges and prosecution. The leftist press, will of course snivel and whine along with the communists, Democrats & RINOs, but the law will be on our side, for once. Also for once, the initiative will also be on our side. And won’t it be nice for once, making them react to us?

Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Officer who writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

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