Cuomo, Roe v Wade and the Other Side of the Story

Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) and her lawyer Gloria Allred on the steps of the Supreme Court, 1989 by Lorie Shaull, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

We can’t always expect the leftists to be as brazen as they have been lately by their, in-your-face support for late term infanticide; Such brazenness resulting in a loud and thunderous backlash. However, sometimes they step on their own message in a far subtler manner.

Recently, the New York State’s Times Union published a breathless article  about the signing ceremony led by governor Cuomo legalizing late term abortion. One part of the article struck an odd note, Governor Cuomo’s effusive praise for one of the Roe v Wade attorneys while totally ignoring their plaintiff and her subsequent history.

From the article,

As he prepared to sign the legislation in the state Capitol’s Red Room, which was packed with supporters, the governor thanked Sarah Ragle Weddington, a Texas attorney and law professor who, at the age of 26, represented “Jane Roe” — Norma McCorvey — in the milestone constitutional case in which the Texas woman challenged a state law banning abortion.

Weddington, the youngest attorney to successfully argue a case before the Supreme Court, sat next to Cuomo as he signed the bill just before 7 p.m. Earlier in the day, she sat in the front row of the Assembly Parlor as Democratic leaders announced they would pass the measures that make up the Reproductive Health Act.

I find it fascinating that there is a plethora of praise heaped upon the attorney in the case, while there is little mention of the plaintiff, Ms McCorvey, who later found Christ and publicly regretted her decision. Ms McCorvey stated on more than one occasion that she had been taken advantage of by two ambitious attorneys, accusing them of using her to effect a political end.

It’s unfortunate that Norma McCorvey passed away in 2017, else she might have been able to give the “other side of the story,” at Governor Cuomo’s ceremony celebrating  the legalization of state sanctioned infanticide.

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