Watercooler 4/04/16 Open Thread: With Friends Like These...


The world moves so quickly, it seems as if at times it is hard to focus.  There is so much trouble out there you really do not have to look far to find it.  Ten minutes browsing your favorite sites can set your view of humanity back thousands of years.  Stories of rapes, murders, robberies, abuse, neglect, etc. have all become so commonplace we are numb to their reporting.  Forget about finding positive stories on the news, they might as well be unicorns.  When you do find one they are corny and nonsensical.  So with that being said lets stick to what you all want to know about; the buffoon that is Donald Trump.



The Answer To Your Question Is Yes!: So is Ben Carson really as bright as they say he is?  Is he maybe just so honest he can not tell a lie?  I have never been asked to endorse a political candidate (and I probably never will) but I am pretty sure that when you are in front of a microphone you are never ever supposed to say:  Are there better people? Probably“.  Maybe this is Dr. Carson’s way of blinking S.O.S in Morse code saying he is being held against his will.

“All of that says quite a bit about a person,” Carson said. “Now, does it mean that he’s perfect? No, he has some major defects, there’s no question about it — just like the rest of us. But I think he is willing to listen to other people. He may not say that publicly because there is a humility issue there that could perhaps use some polishing.

“Nobody believes in the government anymore. Everybody believes that we are weak; we are weak on the world stage; we are not doing things that make sense economically. And he’s probably the person who is most likely to do that. Are there better people? Probably.”


100,000,000 Reasons You Do Not Break A Pledge:  So I have seen some talk here on Red State and other places about why different candidates should or should not break their loyalty pledge to the RNC.  Reince Priebus has an opinion and a really good reason why Donald or Ted should keep their word.

Mr. Priebus said the pledges signed by primary candidates was not “some sort of magical paper,” but an agreement. In exchange for their pledge, he said, candidates received RNC voter data and other resources worth as much as $100 million.


He also goes on to say that there will be “consequences” for breaking the legal document that all the candidates signed.  Now I know that Donald is such a YUGE success that he laughs at the notion of going to court and possibly losing $100,000,000.  But how about Ted Cruz?  The Cruz’s may not be poor but I do not think they have that kind of change laying around the house in Texas.  So consider this when you watch Ted dance around the question of whether he would support the eventual nominee.  Ask yourself, what constitutes “support”.


Flip Flop:  “He kills them, he kills them not, he kills them, he kills them not”  This is the sound of Mr. Trump plucking the petals off a daisy as he whims fully and carelessly attempts to have a position on the rights of the unborn.  Great read putting all the flips and flops in order for you to check out.  Plus a nice video where The Donald himself defines his position on abortion.

“I’m very pro-choice,” he said, citing his New York upbringing as part of the reason that he wouldn’t sign a bill doing away with the gruesome practice of late-term, partial-birth abortion — which is opposed by a vast majority of Americans. “I’m pro-choice in every respect,” he concluded.


An Eye For An Eye:  I wish I knew how effective this was, on paper it sounds wonderful.  In Israel if you are a terrorist they roll some tanks over to your home and flatten it.  The carnal “old testament” side of me loves this.  “That home you left to go attack an old lady with a meat clever, yeah its gone… your family is homeless and cold.  Have a nice day.”  Please don’t take me for a bleeding heart when I say this but I wonder what is this doing to change the hearts and minds of the next generation.  The ones who are too young to understand the bigger picture of what is happening.  My gut tells me that for every savage’s home you destroy you are cementing an extremist ideology into the mind of another 10 little future suicide bombers.



Hope you had a lovely weekend RedStaters as always I can not wait to see where you take the conversation from here…


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