Watercooler 3/21/16 Open Thread: Which way is up?


With every day that passes I feel like reality is slipping away from me.  Each headline I read, every news story I watch makes me wonder if we don’t just deserve Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as our King (or Queen respectively).  It seems as if common sensibilities are right there; almost close enough to grab but then are snatched away.  There is an anchor around my foot, the surface and the oxygen that I so badly want just gets further and further away with each passing moment.  Here are some examples that leave me befuddled.


Siding With The Enemy.  Let me be clear, if you would have ever told me that I would agree with Hillary “abort everyone” Clinton on a subject over the Republican front runner I would have slapped you for insulting my good name and then looked into staging an intervention for you because you were obviously high.  But low and behold here I am; mark the date…

 “We need steady hands – not a president who says he’s neutral on Monday, pro-Israel on Tuesday and who knows what on Wednesday, because everything’s negotiable,” Clinton said. “Israel’s security is non-negotiable.”

Now I know you all are gonna jump down my throat and say “She is lying”… I know that.  I know she is an opportunistic bottom feeder.  That everything she says needs to be looked at skeptically.  But how easy will an opponent like Donald make this on her?  Full story here.

Justify This One.  Ok Trumpeteers, go ahead justify this one away.  You tell me how the party that is supposed to stand for something.  Who justifiably holds the moral high ground over the godless liberals is about to nominate this guy.  Go ahead click on the link, I’ll wait…  When Hildabeast and the Democratic party starts airing ads like this where our candidate in his own words is speaking about women as if they are sub-human things how will this play out?  If he spoke about your daughter this way what would you do?  For me, for starters I would not vote for the clown.


Anyone who speaks this way to 51 percent of the population is automatically disqualified from holding the office of dog catcher or landfill administrator–forget about President of the United States.

The Responsibility Falls On Obama.  Stories like this one, make me angry and they make my skin crawl.  They are the type of stories that get people so angry in fact that they consider voting for an egomaniac because he says he will fix it.  Four illegal aliens, beat and rapped a woman in Massachusetts.  As if the story can not get any worse two of them were previously deported.  You read this graphic, evil, scary story and your reaction of anger is justified.  I know all illegal aliens are not rapists… but I also know that by definition they all are criminals.  I know that if we protected our boarders appropriately this woman may have not had to endure what happened to her.  But my anger will not lead me to chase the empty promises of a crazy person.

Quick Hits:

Tom Coburn for President… thoughts?   For me it would give me a home for my vote that my conscience would sleep well with… but my stomach would turn knowing that at the end of the day he stands no chance.

John Kasich is delusional.  He is taking the position that Merrick Garland is the right man for the SCOTUS.  He says he would in fact nominate him if he were President.  He says Republicans are wrong to stonewalling a vote.  Which party does he think he is running for?


Let’s here about your weekend Redstaters.  What caught your attention?  This is an open thread comment below about whatever you want.  No story is too small, no opinion is too idealistic… just let it out.


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