Watercooler 3/14/16 Open Thread: Finally, I Get To Vote


In my humble biased opinion I am fortunate to live in the greatest State in our Union… Florida.  Now I know that my homestead may not be your cup of tea, but for me it is my personal nirvana.  Beautiful weather, abundant wild life, world class amusement parks, and two different oceans within a cars drive away.  Some say “it’s too hot”, well good news we have air conditioning everywhere.  Some say “what about hurricanes”, well more hurricanes have struck New Jersey than Florida in the last 9 years or so.  Some say “what about all those tourists”, well the 100,000,000 of you that visit us every year pay our salaries and keep our taxes nice and cheap.  So thank you.  All of this aside my home state FINALLY gets a chance to vote tomorrow.   Tomorrow I get to speak with more than just my keyboard.  I will be able to confidently say that no matter how dominating Donald Trump’s win in Florida may be I did not fall for his act.  I was not distracted by the shiny object in the room that is his campaign.  I voted for a man who is principled and truly wants to see the decision making processes in this country given back to the people.  I will vote for Ted Cruz tomorrow, and I will make this vote with increased vigor since Sen. Cruz has overtaken second place from Marco Rubio.  Ted may not win Florida but two statements can still be made.


1)  Marco Rubio is finished.  He did not do the right thing and get on the Cruz train and now he will be left behind.

2)  By securing a dominate second place finish it sends a message that Ted is the only candidate to support in future primaries if you oppose Donald Trump.

If some how someway God smiles on us and by the blessing of a “hanging chad” or two a miracle happens I get to say that my vote stopped Donald Trump and the menace he would have presented to my country, my party and my children’s future.

Random Thoughts:  I don’t know about you but I love it when an article is a mash up of all different random things (sorta like the Watercooler) So when I saw this headline on TownHall I had to click. Random Thoughts on the Current Chaos How could one go wrong with random thoughts about chaos right?

There are three ways this election is likely to go. With Cruz, things will be good. With Trump, things will be terrible. With Clinton, things will be Kosovo.
*This author does attempt to make a case for voting for President Trump in the general election if that is the choice we are presented with.  This is a point I can not and will not resign myself to agree with.

Good Guy With Gun > Bad Guy with Ax:  So if you are in a convenience store and a lunatic with an ax bursts in and starts indiscriminately swinging at people what would you do?  Maybe you are a former special forces soldier with years of experience dis-arming folks.  Or maybe you are the reigning UFC champion and taking out this guy is just another day at the office.  Wait; what you don’t fall into either of those categories well then here are your two options:
1) You die.  (This option is the easiest, and also the one supported by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama)
2) You are a concealed weapons permit holder and you save your life and others.  (This option requires personally responsibility and is supported by the founding fathers of our nation)

This Week In Jihad:  Today’s edition of “This Week in Jihad” is brought to you from the Ivory Coast.  Where Islamic gunmen slaughtered men, women, and children in the name of their peaceful religion.  Check out this barely mentioned portion of the story.
One gunman, who had a long beard, approached two children on the beach and Guy said he heard the man speaking Arabic. One of the children then knelt and started praying. He was spared, while the other boy was not.”The Christian boy was shot and killed right in front of my eyes,” Guy said
Do you think our Nobel prize winning President may now be ready to call a spade a spade, or a genocide a genocide?  Probably not if it is outside his narrative the truth is too inconvenient for him to be bothered with.

Holy Crap!:  File this one under close call.  A Serbian airline found two Hell Fire missiles hidden in a storage container on a plane in route to Portland OR.  American made missiles that can be fired in a number of different ways with devastating effect were headed to God knows who here in the U.S.  If you think radicalized Islamists with pipe bombs are scary can you imagine what a sleeper cell with a few of these would be capable of.  Not to mention that if they are brazen enough to smuggle this into the country what do they already have here on the ground.  This is unacceptable,  while some may say well they did find them before they got here the truth is who ever sent these had to be pretty confident they were going to get delivered.  No one just drops a quarter million dollars in the mail and hopes for the best.  They were more than likely confident because of past successes.

So I leave you with this, previously I encouraged you to pray for Trump supporters.  Pray they would see the error of their ways.  That their anger was being manipulated by a con man.  Now I say we just pray that their cars break down, their alarm clocks do not work, or that get lost on the way to the polls.  This would go a long way to “make America great again”.




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