Watercooler 02/29/16 Open Thread: 'It's the end of the world as we know it'


Well I really feel like I am beginning to resign myself to the idea that Americans are going to be faced with the sad prospect of voting for a megalomaniac billionaire or a delusional lying grandma in November.  Before this weekend I was holding out hope that someone or something would rescue us from that fate but each day that passes those hopes seem to dim.  I am grateful that I have the honor to write the Watercooler on Monday and not Wednesday… If Tuesday pans out like many are predicting I would probably be ready to lead you off a cliff.  Any who I spent my weekend taking inventory of my ammunition and “go bags” and making some strategic purchases just in case either of these loony tunes ends up in the White House.



Erick Erickson put out another great piece today encouraging what I have been dreaming about for a month now.  What may be our only hope to derail the monster taking over our party, a Cruz/Rubio (or vis versa) ticket.  That in the tradition of Reagan and Bush these two could put aside their pride and personal issues and agree that whomever emerges after tomorrow with the most delegates continues and the other jumps on the train.  This may just be the last ditch effort, a hail mary if you will to save our party and our country.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush put aside their egos and attacks at a time of Soviet threats and a rising Iranian menace. If Cruz and Rubio are unable to do the same and unite in the face of an ISIS threat and a rising Russian menace, they will be men who failed to rise to the challenges of their age.

Now is the time for the partisans of both candidates to be willing to unite against Trump. We cannot wait till March 15th. That is a fool’s errand. The unity ticket must form after Tuesday in order to shake up the race and unite in concentrated fire against Trump.

For the good of the nation, not just the party, the second and third place delegate count winners after Tuesday need to agree to a unity ticket. We have waited too long, we have delayed the attacks on Trump, we cannot wait to see how March 15th turns out or wait for a brokered convention. We absolutely must unite to shift the race.



Repeal The 17th Amendment,  This is what Utah has voted to ask Congress to do.  Essentially Utah wants their elected state officials to appoint Senators not public elections.  The thought being is that this would hold politicians directly accountable to the state.  Possibly preventing them from being tempted to the dim warm glow that is Washington D.C.

The Dirtiest Word one can utter upon a college campus these days may surprise you.  It seems to be that being labeled as “conservative” is the scarlet letter of this generation.  Conservative students in California found this out the hard way when they were physically kept from entering a rally by thugs protesters who decided their rights mean less than others.

Today, leftists at CSULA led a violent effort to censor Ben Shapiro, the only conservative speaker that has visited their campus in recent memory. This is a profound and sobering moment for our country. We are tragically witnessing the end result of decades of unchallenged liberal coddling of students on campuses across the country. This is the tipping point.

American college campuses have spiraled so out of control that the president of a public university canceled his own students’ approved event- violating their First Amendment rights- and a mob of protestors, led by his professors, violently blocked the entrance to Ben Shapiro’s speech sponsored by CSULA’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter and Young America’s Foundation’s Fred R. Allen Lecture Series. This mob pushed, shoved, and verbally assaulted police and conservative students who were simply attempting to attend a speech by a prominent author.



Conform Or Be Censored.  Also in the Peoples Republic of California high school students have been accused of “hate speech” by wearing stickers displaying a rainbow inside a circle with a line through it.  Free speech for now is actually being defended by school administrators who recognize that saying you do not like something is different than infringing on someones rights.  And very different than physical harm.  Remember California “Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you”.

P.S. Anyone know where I could get one of those stickers?


File This One Under Extremist A Muslim woman took to Russian streets shouting “Allah Akbar” and displaying the severed head of a four year old girl whom she had recently killed.  She is quoted as yelling…

‘You have become so hardened, you have eliminated so many of us. Look I am a suicide bomber, I will die, doomsday will come in a second.’

Now no bomb was found, but I would love to think that if that were happening on the streets of an American city some patriot with a concealed weapons permit would have been able to send her off to see what is waiting for her on the other side.


Lets all say a prayer tonight for our countrymen who have the privilege to vote tomorrow.  Pray that the veil will be removed from their eyes and they will see Donald “stubby fingers” Trump for who he really is.  It looks more and more like it is going to take an act of God to save us from this con man.



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