Watercooler 02/26/16 Open Thread: Whack A' Trump


I am sure most of you have played the popular carnival game “Whack A’ Mole” at some point in your lives.  You know the one where that pesky little varmint pops it’s head up out of random holes and you have the responsibility to bash that little sucker in the head with a rubber mallet.  Teaching that thieving glorified rat that he isn’t just gonna run rampant in your garden without any consequences.  Now the game is moderately challenging when you only have one mallet but when you have an ally standing next to you armed with another hammer and a hatred for moles you can make sure that rodent is never able to come up for air.


As I watched The Donald get owned last night this was the vision running through my twisted head.  Emerging from the depths of the Earth was a duck lipped, orange skinned head wearing a helmet of hair.  And before him stood two conservative gentlemen dressed in suits and armed with desperation and frustration.  The day finally came where they decided that they were not going to let the pest destroy the back yard that was rightfully theirs.  After hoping the mole would be exposed for the destroyer he was it was finally time to whack that beast with all of the might they could muster.  Now they may not have killed the mole, but they certainly showed him that they are not going to let him walk away with the spoils of war unscathed.

He thinks we are all fools… and so far Republicans are proving him right.  Turns out stupid, is a condition that effects all of humanity regardless of political affiliation.  After the stomping Donald took last evening he had the gall to claim he is the target of IRS auditing because of his “strong Christian faith”.

“I’m always audited by the IRS, which I think is very unfair. Maybe because of religion, maybe because of something else, maybe because I am doing this, but this is just recently,” Trump said, at the end referring to his presidential bid.

When CNN’s Chris Cuomo questioned the comment about religion, the real estate tycoon said: “Maybe because of the fact that I am a strong Christian … you see what’s happened, you have many religious groups complaining about that.”


Now the point is Trump is implying that over the last twelve years he has been audited every year as persecution for his faith.  I really would love to hear one… just one soundbite of Donald publicly discussing his faith prior to running for President of the United States.  What in your life Donald would cause the IRS to recognize and target you as a Christian?  Here is what I think “Christian” is actually code for.  You see what Christian means is that he is a successful white heterosexual male.  You know he and his supporter David Duke want you to know that if he were African American, or Hispanic, or lord forbid a “Jew” he would not be the target of these attacks.  This is another example of Trump tipping his hat to his neo-nazi, white supremacist supporters.

When Hugh Hewitt had the audacity to question why Donald has not yet released his tax returns.  The leader of the cult of personality responded with a typical kindergarten playground response.  Proving that he is of course the most accomplished negotiator on the stage.

Lindsey Graham wants us to know how to kill a Presidential candidate and get away with it.  Is that not so nice of him.  Well if your name is Ted Cruz you may not think so.  In all fairness Lindsey did have a few good lines against Hillary “cankels” Clinton too.  Here is a link to the video… it has a few good laughs.


Goldwaterconservitive wrote a great diary yesterday.  Short, sweet to the point.  It bashes Trump and supports a strong pro-life common sense message. Go check it out!

As always thanks for taking the time to listen to my ramblings.  This is and always will be an open thread so discuss what ever floats your boat.


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