Watercooler 02/05/16 Open Thread: Cruv v. Rubio, Kelly File, Progrssives, and Genocide


Cruz v. Rubio Erick Erickson does a great job of comparing and contrasting  the two whom I hope will still be standing at the end of what is an exhausting process to select the GOP nominee.  I love Erick’s writing, take a minute and check it out here are few high points.


Washington’s lobbyists think that Marco Rubio will not be a disruptive force to them. They know Washington will still be mostly the center of people’s lives to a greater degree with Marco Rubio than with Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz will burn Washington to the ground and throw lobbyists on the street.

Rubio backers are looking at the path to the White House. Cruz backers are willing to take a gamble on the slog of a general election campaign so they can see Washington rent asunder.

I know you all say it is impossible but I still dream of a Cruz/Rubio Ticket.  Setting us up for 16 years of repressing the progressive agenda.


Megyn Kelly’s show on Fox News, The Kelly File.  Beat CNN’s democrat town hall in ratings.  This is wonderful because it embarrasses the Dems and the Trumpeteres at the same time.  I get equal pleasure out of both of their sufferings.  The Dems continue to garner little or no interest in watching two old white people talk about their grand kids.  And The Donalds Megyn Kelly boycott is just going swimmingly.  Oh ya almost forgot four year old re-runs of The Big Bang Theory also took out the Hillary Show.  Sheldon Cooper 2016!


Your candidate is so progressive that…  she spent almost $2,600,000 on polling.  Boom that just happened.  Here is the thing to consider Hillary is desperately trying to define herself as “progressive” to win a primary she is committing campaign suicide in the general.  Middle America does not want progressives (in my humble opinion) she will be handing over such a treasure trove of ammunition for her GOP opponent every time she opens her mouth.  This is assuming that she can trick the Dem base to believing someone who gives six figure paid speeches can still be considered an outsider.  Good luck granny.


Hillary Clinton spent  $720,000 on polls last quarter – as much as the six top Republican candidates combined.  About $477,000 of that went to the firm of Joel Benenson, a pollster for Mrs. Clinton, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.  In the previous quarter, Clinton’s polling bill was even higher – at $1.9 million.


Happy Friday everybody.  Sorry so short today but I have an appointment at the range that I just don’t wanna miss.  Keep it classy Red State.


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