Watercooler 01/15/16 Open Thread: Under the Radar, POTUS Called Out, UFC v. ISIS


Well as you all know there was a debate last night.  By the time you are reading this you have had every point and counter point analyzed by men and women much brighter than myself so forgive me if I don’t touch on it.  All I know is it did not sway my opinion in any way… Cruz 2016.  Any who I decided to use the brief space the overlords here at Red State allow me to try to dig a bit deeper into the bottom of the news barrel and for once not even mention Donald Trump!


 Under the radar.  In the 24 hour a day news cycle we live in there is more information being given to us as consumers than we can possibly ever take in.  So I just wanted to point out a few interesting pieces you may have missed.

  • More Muslim Gang Rapes.  So by now we have all read of the disgusting gangs of sub human (because of their actions not their faith calm down) animals attacking young German women on New Years Eve.  Well maybe you are comforted in thinking this was an isolated incident.  Just a few bad apples, why let them spoil the bunch… right? Pump the brakes Sweeden seems to be having its own problems with young Islamic rapists.  Nasty stuff here, seems majority of the girls targeted for assault were under 15 years old.

Authorities in Sweden have admitted they did not tell teenage girls attending a music festival that it had been the scene of numerous sexual assaults the year before. A total of 19 girls were sexually assaulted by Afghan immigrants at the 2015 ‘We Are Stockholm’ festival despite police being aware of seventeen similar incidents in 2014. Both years girls were raped by Muslim immigrants but the incidents only became public after news of the widespread attacks on New Year’s Eve in Germany.

  • Rocket Propelled Grenade Parts were found in our nations capital this week.  In a city where even having live ammunition is taboo you would think this would be alarming.  For some reason this story can barely get a full paragraphs worth of attention.  Makes me suspicious… a piece of an anti-tank weapon is found around some abandon buildings in a residential neighborhood.  This neighborhood happens to be in Washington D.C. and we are told to “move along nothing to see here folks”…
  • Armed Man Involved in 15 Year Police Standoff.  This is a fun quick read people.  Apparently 15 years ago some gentleman loony tune may or may not have assaulted a police officer and fled to his Texas ranch.  For the last decade and a half he has not left his property.  Friends have brought him supplies over the years but he has been imprisoned on his farm.  After holing up on his property, Gray warned law enforcement to “bring body bags” if they came to get him.  Now the kicker… apparently the D.A. dropped the charges against him in 2014 but never informed anyone!  The Sheriffs office still considered him a fugitive, he still considered himself involved in an armed standoff.  The only reason this ended was because a journalist started asking questions.

Barack Hussein Obama was called out by NRA chief Wayne LaPierre.  Not to a fight, but a debate.  Anyone who has ever listened to our dear leader President speak  in the last 7 or 8 years knows he seems to think of himself as so much more intelligent than all of us simple rubes who “cling to our guns and our religion”.  The coward will obviously never accept this challenge.  His defenders would point out that it would be un-presidential for him to accept.  My response would be, Well that never stopped him before.  He seems to love having his opinion heard and I have heard him say so many times that Americans agree with him on guns.  Why not shut the NRA up for good Mr. President?  What could you possibly be afraid of?  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain… as long as you think you actually have right on your side.  If you don’t stay at home, hit the golf course and keep letting gang bangers in Chicago shoot up your home town.  (If the lefts irrational fear of firearms amuses you as much as it does me check this nut job out.)

Ex Green Beret, current UFC fighter tells ISIS to bring it.  I am glad there are brave men in the world like UFC middle weight Tim Kennedy.  Apparently the Islamic State does not feel the same way I do.  Tim is a former special forces soldier and currently savages other men in the octagon for a living.  He says he receives up to 10 threats through social media a day from terrorists.  Now I am a lover not a fighter, I would rather fight with my keyboard than my fists, but Tim isn’t wired that way and I would hate to be the fellow who tries to test him.


“Just spoke to the FBI regarding some recent credible threats towards me by #ISIS,” Kennedy wrote in a Facebook post Wednesday. “They were not overly thrilled with my response…’Let those cowards come.’”

“They said, ‘Are you aware of this stuff?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ They said, ‘We think this is somewhat credible,’” Kennedy told The Army Times. “Then I said, ‘I’m kind of desensitized to this stuff, so maybe you should tell me what my level of alarm should be.’

“I teach people how to live with threats like this. Who would I be to be cowering to a bunch of gutless cowards acting like a bunch of tough guys online?”

I do not know Tim Kennedy to say if he is a great human being or not.  Truthfully I could not even pick him out of a line up, but that is a confidant alpha male who would probably kill you before you could finish your first chant of “Allah Akbar”.

As always appreciate your time and comments.  This is an open thread folks discuss whatever you will and as always keep it classy Red State.






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