Water Cooler 01/04/16 Open Thread: The Enemy of My Enemy is... Still My Enemy



Sunnis, Shiites, Iranians, and Saudis… So the saying is that an enemy of my enemy is my friend. But I have a feeling that in this fight there may not be too many friendly faces.  To re-cap the blow by blow Saudi Arabia (Sunnis) executed a cleric they deemed to be a “terrorist”.  This terrorist is was a Shiite.  Iran is a predominantly Shiite nation and was not too pleased about this news.  Groups of Shiite terrorists then stormed the Saudi embassy, prompting the nations to severe all diplomatic and commercial ties with each other.  Now it seems as if the nations of the middle east are all being called upon to pick teams.  So who is going to hedge their bets and line up with the Iranians, and who is going to fall behind the Saudi royal family?  Perhaps the strangest part of this episode to me is the Iranians condemning the Saudis for violating human rights!  Thats right folks when one of the worlds most despicable regimes says you went to far (with a straight face mind you) something has got to be up. Just hop over to Wikipedia and get a glimpse of what Iran is up too.  So our current president shows Iran we are soft, offers them up a home run of a deal to “stop” their persistent quest for nuclear weapons.  Every President in recent history has bowed and kissed the ring of the Saudi monarchs.  So how does this end?  Who doesn’t survive this?


Breaking News: Wait for it… Wait for it… Vladimir Putin and his Russian Government consider the United States of America to be a threat to their national security.  For some reason this is being reported as a shocker.  The fact is that Mr. Putin should view the good ole’ US of A as an opponent, just as we should view him.  This is not saying that “the missiles start flying at mid-night”, but obviously on a geo-political stage Russia is an adversary.  Whether in the Ukraine, the middle east, etc. etc. our interests are parallel to his.  It seems so unthinkable though that in such a civilized society that one could have enemies.  Wake up people there are good guys and bad guys, always have been and always will be.  Just depends on your viewpoint as to whom is the protagonist.

Affirmative Action has infiltrated our culture.  To the point where liberal media organizations (such as ESPN) do not even realize how they are belittling accomplishments of minorities in the way they report stories.  In the NFL there is a rule stating that owners of teams have a quota of minority candidates they must meet with when hiring coaches.  On paper this policy should keep the evil, rich, white owners from ignoring qualified minority candidates.  The problem is now every African American who is interviewed to be a head coach has this asterisks placed next to his name.  Take a moment and read this article about my beloved Philadelphia Eagles who interviewed Duce Staley (a long time Eagles player and coach) for their vacant head coaching position.


Staley, who played seven seasons with the Eagles, is a known favorite of Lurie. The interview also helps the Eagles meet the requirements of the NFL’s Rooney Rule, which mandates the inclusion of minority candidates being interviewed before franchises can complete the hiring process.

The man has spent nearly his entire adult life as a member of this team in one aspect or another.  The owner of the team thinks so much of him in fact that he has retained his services as a position coach during two different head coaching changes.  But ESPN had to add in that little zinger, making the reader think the only reason Duce got the interview was to satisfy some rule.  Who knows maybe that is the truth but I think the man deserves more.  Maybe just maybe his skills, loyalty, and intelligence got him that interview.  But what do I know?

Lets End on a Laugh. Louis Vuitton has announced who will be the new face of it’s WOMENS line for 2016.  And the fresh young Hollywood face that will represent their ladies clothing line this year is… Will Smiths SON Jayden.  Not a typo folks click this link and be amazed at what you see.  Now I am admittedly not “up” on the latest fashion trends.  I also could probably not afford to purchase the designer skirt this young man is wearing.  But what is going on with the world?


Thanks for taking the time to visit the Water Cooler today folks.  Let me know what you think… about anything that is on your mind.  Remember this is an open thread so there are no wrong answers.  Keep it classy Redstate.



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