The #GOPExodus Story

There is a group that has formed over the last few months which had set a date for departing the Republican Party. That date would be today, September 15th. It would seem this movement has real steam, real potential to get people.

I do not wholly agree with their aims, though I can agree that things are coming to a head. They see the Republican Party as not worthy of their attention anymore, or that by leaving they can tell the Republican Party it left them.

Today they scored no less than Kendal Unruh as one of their ranks. Others throughout Social Media are showing how they have left the party today.


We live in interesting times, and without any golden parachutes. The anger against the results of the Primaries is real, and there is a possibility that this could result in permanent harm to the party. Those who seek moderate views should consider that those who seek conservative views are starting to leave, and not in small numbers.

I would rather see these individuals stay in the Party, to run as PCP’s, to take their County Chairs, and to vote one of them as the State Chair. I would rather we finish taking over the Party and make it our own again, but I understand their belief that the party is beyond salvage as well. Their argument at times does have merit or how else would Trump have stayed the candidate in Cleveland? How could the RNC squelch the voice of the people.

#GOPExodus is going to show some effects of the Convention today, a day they selected long ago. This is not a #NeverTrump movement so much as a belief that the RNC, the GOP, the Republican Party is a lost entity, unwilling to support the beliefs that they believe in.

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