The Permament Activist II

**Promoted from the diaries.**

I no longer wear an olive drab uniform, but still I serve.

My feet are damaged and broken, but I still march to freedoms beat.

My weapons are Twitter, pens, and a cellular phone, and with them I fight.


Though I shall never be called upon to risk my life defending our nation as Hero’s of our past and present have done, I fight on.

Today I ask you to join me in the trenches, I ask you to enlist in this fight.

I ask because we are in a terrible war, with the fate of our own freedoms in play, a war where liberty will be violated and then made a slave to tyranny.

I ask you not to join the military, nor to follow a specific cause or pledge to a politician.

No… I ask you go pledge to yourself, your dreams, and to our nation.

I ask for you to run for office.

This battlefield may be unkind and unmerciful, but it is a far easier burden than the Marines storming Iwo Jima had, or the Army had in Normandys death dealing beaches.

I aask you to do a duty our own founding fathers found honorable.

The lowest rank is Precinct Committee Person (also known as PCP).

The next rank is that of local positions such as on a school board, water district, or city council. Each county and State varies so look for your local information via your elections office.

The first of the officers is Sherrifs, Mayors, and State Representatives… and the likes.

Those who run for Federal Office… you have surpassed me, and if you are a Conservative then I salute you!

This is not a dishonorable duty! Nothing could be further from the truth. Only when we fight evil, corruption, and cronyism can we have a victory.


There is no victory in surrendering the battle, there is no victory in letting the enemy win via default, there is no victory if you do not stand up in the image of our Founding Fathers and carry the torch of freedom!

The enemy will call you names, and try to smear you. You will not suffer a physical injury from this. They will try to tell it is hopeless… to which I say there is hope if you try, and no hope if you do not!

I am United with Cold Warrior, Line Holder, LHeal, and more in seeking you, all of you we can get, to run for office. TAKE BACK OUR NATION!

My goal is to raise an army of 200,000. Not an army pledged to me or my specific platforms, but to the causes of Freedom, Liberty, Justice and the American Way!

My goal is to show such strenght our enemy is overwhelmed by our numbers, as we fight in every battlefield there is, and take the fight to them with everything we can!

Let us become the tidal wave, the tsunami, that washes away the corruption that harms our nation!



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