Dude: Why Did George Soros Just Write ANOTHER Big Check to John Kasich?

Only five other entities have contributed more to the Kasich-linked New Day for America Political Action Committee than Soros Fund Management.

Now –like the Church Lady might ask– “Why would that be, hmmm?” Not that it really matters, mind you, but George Soros recently wrote a second check to John Kasich for $115,000, bringing his total Kasich Philanthropy to over $210,000.


Yes, yes, I know. George Soros is such a big-hearted guy, he just looks at John Kasich and sees the face of Jesus. Although, being a dripping-fanged atheist, it might not be a good thing that Soros sees Kasich thusly.  But, seemingly, his checkbook verily flops open at the sound of John Kasich’s name.

Funny thing, though: I’ve searched all ’round, and I can’t see that Georgie Boy gave any money to Ted Cruz… hmm…

Again, one is left to ponder: Why?

George Soros is a diabolical putz, that’s why. So is John Kasich. Maybe this is simply a classic case of Birds and Feathers and so forth. I have to think, however, there is something a bit, well — slimier going on here.

The amount is in dispute, of course, but George Soros has been funding the miscreants over at Black Lives Matter. Some say $30 million, some say rather less. It does say something about the dynamism of the American economy that it costs tens of millions of dollars to get a group of street thugs off the ground. But, whatever.

Evidently, though, according to Soros, there is at least one White Life up in Ohio, whose name is John, who also matters.

And, then of course, there’s this little tid-bit to throw in the soup: Donald Trump’s gazillion-dollar Trump Star Chamber, or whatever the hell it is in Chicago was such a big to-do he had to go hat-in-hand to old Georgie himself, along with Deutschbank and Manchester Financial– you know, the Great Self Funder, Mister Nine Billion Stumpy Fingers.


George Soros said Yes to Donald Trump before he said Yes to Black Lives Matter and before he said Yes to John Kasich.

I doubt, though, that Ted Cruz has ever asked Soros for a dime, and would likely refuse it– even if it was ever offered.

So, what is going on here? Well, clearly, Donald Trump is a man George Soros can do business with– just as he can do business with John Kasich and Black Lives Matter.

…and ain’t it just a tad interesting that Donald Trump rallies only seem to get restive on the weekends before big primaries just in time to alter the weekend talk-show chainsaw-clattering news-cycle? I guess that’s what $30 million buys you.

Meanwhile, Postmaster General John Kasich has enough money, thanks to his George Soros Visa Card,  to put gas in the Winnebago ala Ken Kesey, and do the Merry Prankster bit to Ted Cruz– even though his campaign is in debt to it’s eyeballs, and otherwise running on fumes.

What does it mean, what does it mean…?

When there’s only three dots to connect, it seems to make a triangle…


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