Ohioans Will Decide in November on Non-Citizen Voting

Monday night’s Ohio Senate debate between Republican J.D. Vance and Democrat Congressman Tim Ryan clearly showed one candidate surging late in the campaign and another candidate floundering and trying to be what they are not.


Issues that are important to Ohioans and most Americans were discussed but J.D. Vance scored the haymaker of the night. He countered a Ryan abortion attack by skillfully shifting the emphasis on the attacker’s immigration status, highlighting Ryan’s softness on border security and illegal immigration.

If this was a prizefight, and you were sitting ringside, you could almost literally hear the air leaving Ryan’s body as Vance connected with a shot that seemed to come from nowhere. One blaring example of Ryan’s weakness on border security is a press release from his office in 2019 titled, “Congressman Tim Ryan Votes to End Trump’s Fake Border Emergency Declaration.”

The Homeland Security Department has said that over two million illegal aliens have crossed the border this fiscal year — which is a record! Congressman Ryan and the Democrats are directly responsible for this onslaught of people with his reckless vote.

I’ve written on this page numerous times about the Progressives’ national movement to award non-citizens — those with green cards — the right to vote. In many cases, not only do they want green card holders to vote, but other non-citizens too!


Of course, the marquis race in Ohio is the U.S. Senate race but there is a constitutional amendment on the ballot that is garnering much attention as well. Issue 2 proposes: “Only a citizen of the United States — who is at least 18 years of age and who has been a legal resident and registered voter for at least 30 days — can vote at any state or local election held in this state.” 


Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose at Issue 2 press conference – Columbus, OH, (10/6/22)


The Amendment also “Prohibits local governments from allowing a person to vote in local elections if they are not legally qualified to vote in state elections. If the amendment passes it will be in effect immediately.” Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose supports Issue 2 and has stated emphatically that the right to vote is “precious” and should be protected.

My organization, Americans for Citizens Voting, participated last week in an Issue 2 press conference at the state capitol with Secretary La Rose, Majority Floor Leader Bill Seitz, and State Representative Jay Edwards. Secretary LaRose giving opening remarks:




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