A 2020 Election Silver Lining?

Well, the election was one week ago and former vice president Joe Biden has finally been declared the winner by the media.

Many Republicans are understandably disappointed that President Trump apparently lost his bid for reelection. But many more are upset at how the President lost the election.


I say in my podcast Watercooler Politics that I don’t personally believe there were enough shenanigans to actually change the outcome of the election. There were other factors that contributed to the President’s close loss.

But the shenanigans on election night in Pennsylvania and Michigan, – and the new revelation that the Feinstein and Pelosi families have ownership stakes in a voting software company – would make any fair and objective person question the results.

For example, it would seem completely legitimate for poll workers in Pennsylvania to check the signatures of mail in ballots, but the League of Women Voters and the Pittsburgh Urban League, sued saying this practice was potentially discriminatory.

And why was it discriminatory in their eyes? Because in the June primary, more than 26,000 ballots were rejected, including those for “signature-related errors or matters of penmanship.” 

The suit was dropped after the Pennsylvania Department of State capitulated and eliminated signature verification for mail in ballots.

“As a result of this case, Pennsylvania voters can cast their vote without fear that their ballot could be rejected solely because an election official — who isn’t trained in handwriting analysis — thinks their signatures don’t match,” said Mark Gaber, a Campaign Legal Center lawyer who represented the groups in court.


It is a sad day for Democracy when it appears an election was stolen right before our eyes. Regardless of the eventual outcome of the presidential vote, three successful ballot initiatives in Alabama, Florida and Colorado could be a silver lining that could help safeguard the integrity of our elections in the future.

Those of you who regularly read my columns know I am the President of American for Citizen Voting, a 501c4 dedicated to putting ballot initiatives before voters to amend their state constitutions to say ONLY U.S. citizens can vote in our elections.

As I wrote last week, I am positive non citizens have voted and are voting in Pennsylvania’s elections. as they are in other states such as Georgia. Ironically Georgia is having problems with their vote counts and Georgia was also one of the states we targeted this year with our ballot initiatives.

Unfortunately, Georgia’s state legislature – as did Maine’s – did not pass bills this legislative session to place this before the voters. It just makes you wonder what are they afraid of?


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