Silence On Child Murders Demonstrates BLM’s Hypocrisy And Will Be Its Undoing

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People march in the street to mark Juneteenth, Friday, June 19, 2020, in St. Louis. Juneteenth marks the day in 1865 when federal troops arrived in Galveston, Texas, to take control of the state and ensure all enslaved people be freed, more than two years after the Emancipation Proclamation. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

I woke up this morning to an all too familiar headline in my local newspaper: “Four people found dead in North St. Louis.” 

North St. Louis is predominantly African American and is critically underserved like most Democratically controlled inner cities in our nation. 

Just the night before, two men were slain in their car in a hail of bullets in front of a historic church near the campus of St. Louis University.

The violence is so out of hand, that our Republican governor has called a special legislative session just to address the nightly carnage happening in St. Louis and Kansas City.

President Trump, at a recent White House roundtable titled “Stakeholders Positively Impacted by Law Enforcement,” talked about the alarming crime spikes happening in our major cities after the death of George Floyd and after the rioting, looting and mayhem that ensued afterwards: 

In one recent week in New York City — this is hard to believe — shootings were up 358 percent..Last month, over 300 people were shot.  NYPD retirements have quadrupled, and they’re going up even further.  And New York City is out of control, unfortunately.  My place, I love it, but it’s out of control.  It was doing so well..Murders in Atlanta are up 133 percent compared to the same period last year.  And one of the victims was an 8-year-old girl, and we’ve had younger than that in Chicago last weekend. In the last two weeks, 105 Americans were shot in Philadelphia. In Minneapolis, the city voted to disband the police department and cut it way down, but disband it ultimately.  The radical politicians are waging war on innocent Americans.


The defund and disband the police lunacy has even made its way to St. Louis courtesy of the Democratically controlled St. Louis Board of Alderman or the city council.

The Board has introduced their own “Five Point Plan to Reform the Police” which of course calls for “defunding the police.” 

But they go even further. In addition to not allowing officers with a history of using excessive force to continue using force on suspects,” they also include a provision in their reform plan to  “free political prisoners???”

Of course when you demonize the police, you not only demoralize those officers on the front lines who are keeping us safe, but you also make unsafe vulnerable communities that need the police the most.

The President mentioned in his roundtable remarks the tragic deaths of children during this time of extreme violence. St. Louis has not been spared this pain either. Fifty children have been shot in St. Louis this year alone and eight of those children have tragically died. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the number one cause of death for African American males age 15-35 is homicide. Think about that, not accidents, not diseases but homicide. A homicide likely perpetrated by a fellow African American male.

I believe the murders of these innocent African American children, while Black Lives Matter activists remain silent, will be the slow undoing of this Marxist organization.


Up to this point, BLM has been able to successfully deflect any criticism that they only protest and care when an unarmed African American is killed by a white police officer.

When St. Louis’ African American public safety director remarked during a Martin Luther King Day observation in 2018 that African Americans have a responsibility for Black on Black crime, he was roundly criticized by activists for “demonizing Black people.”

These senseless child murders transpiring in our inner cities have motivated grieving parents and grandparents to speak out against BLM’s deafening silence. John Ayala’s eleven year old grandson Davon McNeal was murdered last week in the nation’s capital. Ayala asked this question about BLM’s inaction:

“We’re protesting for months, for weeks, saying black lives matter. Black lives matter, it seems like, only when a police officer shoots a black person. What about all the black-on-black crime that’s happening in the community?”

Eight year old Secoriea Turner was shot and killed in the same Wendy’s parking lot where Rayshard Brooks had his fatal encounter with a white Atlanta police officer.

The car she was riding in was shot up by demonstrators after her mother tried to maneuver around barricades set up by demonstrators in the Wendy’s parking lot. Her grieving parents proclaimed their innocence in the demonstrator’s guerilla war against authority and civil order.


“They say black lives matter. You killed your own this time. We understand the frustration of Rayshard Brooks. We didn’t have anything to do with that. We’re innocent.”

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms blasted the murderers and the protest that turned deadly and ended the young life of Secoriea Turner:

“You shot and killed a baby. If you want people to take us seriously, and you don’t want us to lose this movement, then we can’t lose each other.”

Mayor Lance Bottoms has it exactly right. A real grassroots movement needs real grassroots people, not paid activists and social justice, grievance warriors who want to tear down but not build up.

BLM’s noticeable silence on these child murders, and Black on Black crime in general, speaks volumes on their true Marxist aims – the overthrow of the United States government and our Judeo Christian values.


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