End subsidies to ethanol

We’ve Key Voted a “Yes” vote to Senator Coburn’s Amendment to kill Ethanol Subsidies.

Bad economic policy should be eliminated. Period. Exclamation point. End of story.


We have an opportunity to strike deep into the heart of Big Ethanol – Senator Coburn’s Amendment repeals not only the tax credit, but it also repeals the tariff on imported ethanol. It’s a great first step on the way to ridding the tax code of market-distorting energy subsidies and sends a message that Republicans are serious about tax reform.

Ethanol subsidies are an abomination. They are simply a form of corporate welfare. Their elimination would be pro-growth.

Senator Coburn’s Amendment is #436 to S. 782 and will most likely be voted on tomorrow. He needs 60 votes for cloture. Please join me in supporting his efforts.

Chris Chocola
President, Club for Growth


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