Chad Mathis: Why I'm supporting Gary Palmer in AL-06

When I set out to run for Alabama’s sixth congressional district, I had a clear goal in mind – shaking up Washington regardless of who stood in the way.

The out of control spending, excessive regulations, and erosion of our liberties have brought America to a tipping point.


That’s to say nothing of the menace that is Obamacare. As a physician, I can tell you first-hand that it’s worsening our healthcare system and taxpayer money to pay for it. Anyone who’s actually read the bill can tell you that’s exactly what was coming, but that kind of logic is missing in Washington.

It’s a course the people of Alabama, nor the entire country, can afford to continue to travel. We must challenge the status quo and it’s clear that go-along to get-along Republicans aren’t willing to take that step.

That’s why I offered myself up for service. I’m proud of the effort we ran and I couldn’t be more thankful for, and humbled by, the support we picked up from conservatives across the district, state, and country.

While we came up short on Election Day, that doesn’t mean I’m putting the gloves away, throwing in the towel, or ceasing to stand up for our conservative values.

Far too much is at stake, and that’s why I’m supporting Gary Palmer in the runoff for Alabama’s sixth district.

You get to know your opponents on the campaign trail. If there’s one thing that’s clear about Gary Palmer, it’s that he’s in the business of getting conservative results and doing the right thing, no matter who blocks the path.


As head of the Alabama Policy Institute, he advocated for free-market principles – less spending, less regulation, and lower taxes – and stood on the frontlines of the conservative movement. Gary’s been a consistent proponent of improving government and cutting out the excesses, and he’ll tell Republicans when they’re in the wrong too.

It’s why folks like Quin Hillyer are supporting him. So too are Rick Santorum, and Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

Club for Growth, Citizens United, and Red State supported me in the primary and now they’re supporting Gary in the runoff. Will Brooke and Scott Beason, both of whom also sought the seat, have also endorsed Gary over Paul DeMarco.

Now I’m proud to join them.

Gary’s tirelessly advocated for conservative values in Alabama for over two decades. He’s a veteran of the movement, and he’ll be able to make a difference on the first day in Congress.

I have no doubt that he’ll go to Washington and be a consistent, rock-solid conservative who won’t kowtow at a time when we’re facing an onslaught on the American Dream. He’ll fight to repeal Obamacare and stand up to the Obama EPA’s war on coal.


It won’t matter which party gets in the way, Gary will stand strong for unleashing our economy, not big government.

“Here’s all you need to know about Gary — he will tell his own side no and there are no guarantees that the other guy will,” Erick Erickson said in his endorsement here at Red State.

I’m writing you today to say the same thing. Gary will take on liberal Democrats as well as those within our own ranks, pushing for the right thing instead of continuing the status quo. I support him, and I hope you will too.


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