Biden's Border Visit Was a Complete Farce

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The American Southwest is tired of neglect in their border communities, and a collective groan could be heard when President Joe Biden announced that he would be visiting El Paso, Texas.

Much like Vice President Kamala Harris’s visit to the border was watered down, there were reports that El Paso, Texas, cleaned up its sidewalks to make them ready for the president. He also did a photo-op at the border wall, which is laughable in itself.

The Biden administration halted border wall construction right after he took office, and many of those materials are rusting on the ground in some sectors of the border. While many still disagree about the purpose of a border wall, it’s important to recognize that it is one of the many necessary tools to fully secure the border. Pretty simply, his photo-op is admitting that he was wrong this whole time.

It’s ironic at best, and they’re truly trying to deceive people about their policies’ role in creating the current humanitarian crisis. Even if Vice President Kamala Harris has a nice soundbite of her saying “do not come” to those wishing to cross into the United States, actions speak louder than words.

And if the aforementioned cleaning up of the streets sounds bad, it’s also worth noting how he was conveniently whisked to locations where he would not see the true impacts of the influx of migrants. Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins reported that Customs and Border Protection determined that there were 518 “migrant encounters” between Saturday and Sunday morning (a 24-hour period), and the president did not see any of those crossings in the El Paso sector, as RedState reported.

Between the president’s recent visit to Kentucky to tout the infrastructure bill and his visit to the border, it’s important to understand that the goal is to get b-roll for his upcoming reelection bid. His team is hoping to dupe Americans that he’s been doing something about the issues they’ve been hearing about by striking a bipartisan tone. But here’s the thing: It’s going to take a lot more than some well-made commercials to trick people into thinking the border is secure, especially in those communities.

There’s a reason the president did not go to places like Yuma, Arizona, or Eagle Pass, Texas. He needed to feel like a hero and be surrounded by people who agree with him. He would rather hear the song and dance that one of the few solutions is immigration reform, as opposed to hearing that the Trump administration’s policies worked for the most part, regardless of what one thinks about the former president.

Thankfully, Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas has continued his relentless pursuit to secure the border. He understands that this is a major issue going on in its second year, and it is wholly unacceptable. The bottom line is that protecting our nation’s borders is the job of the federal government, and the state should not have to use its resources on the matter. Unfortunately, that’s what’s happening, and it’s nothing short of an abomination and erasure of small border communities.



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