Acosta Denies Touching White House Intern Despite Video Evidence

As President Donald Trump points to CNN’s Jim Acosta, a White House aide takes the microphone from him during a news conference in the East Room of the White House, Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Following the contentious exchange between President Donald J. Trump and CNN’s rude and very disrespectful Trump-hating Jim Acosta during yesterday’s White House press conference, Acosta’s White House Press Credential’s were revoked. As reported by my colleague Brandon Morse, the despicable Acosta’s credentials were revoked because he actually put up something of a fight against a young female intern trying to take a microphone from him after he was dismissed by President Trump.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders announced Wednesday that Acosta’s permanent press credentials had been revoked over the incident in a tweet:

We will, however, never tolerate a reporter placing his hands on a young woman just trying to do her job as a White House intern…

Sanders followed up by tweeting a video clearly showing the so-called journalist tussling with the poor intern trying to do her job and take the microphone from Acosta:

The video of the tussle shows Acosta trying to hold on to the microphone when the intern attempts to take the microphone from him after President Trump indicated he wanted to move on. Acosta pushes down on the young woman’s arm with his wrist.


In the face of this video evidence, Acosta still has the temerity to call the assertion that he touched the intern a lie.

Sadly, the biased media wing of the Democrats’ Party is supporting Acosta giving President Trump yet another example of fake news.

CNN supported Acosta’s indefensible conduct. According to the Washington Examiner, CNN’s communication team said the reasons Sanders provided for the decision to revoke Acosta’s credentials as being based on “fraudulent accusations,” and citing “an incident that never happened. This unprecedented decision is a threat to our democracy and the country deserves better. Jim Acosta has our full support.” Politico claims that “the reasons Sanders gave for pulling Acosta’s press pass were clearly fabricated.”  The New York Times says “a review of the video…did not suggest that Mr. Acosta put his hands on the woman.” And the Associated Press downplays the incident saying “the interaction between Acosta and the intern was brief, and Acosta appeared to brush her arm.”

The Wall Street Journal reports the White House Correspondents’ Association “strongly objects” to the revocation of Acosta’s credentials and encourages people to “view the video of the events from earlier today.” So do I.

You can watch the entire press conference here or read the entire Trump/Acosta exchange below from a transcript published by the Chicago Sun Times:


THE PRESIDENT: You heard my answer. Go ahead.

Q Okay. Thank you, Mr. President. I wanted to challenge you on one of the statements that you made in the tail end of the campaign in the midterms, that this —

THE PRESIDENT: Here we go.

Q Well, if you don’t mind, Mr. President —

THE PRESIDENT: Let’s go. Let’s go. Come on.

Q That this caravan was an “invasion.” As you know, Mr. President —

THE PRESIDENT: I consider it to be an invasion.

Q As you know, Mr. President, the caravan was not an invasion. It’s a group of migrants moving up from Central America towards the border with the U.S.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you for telling me that. I appreciate it.

Q Why did you characterize it as such? And —

THE PRESIDENT: Because I consider it an invasion. You and I have a difference of opinion.

Q But do you think that you demonized immigrants in this election —

THE PRESIDENT: Not at all. No, not at all.

Q — to try to keep —

THE PRESIDENT: I want them — I want them to come into the country, but they have to come in legally. You know, they have to come in, Jim, through a process. I want it to be a process.

And I want people to come in. And we need the people.

Q Right. But your campaign had — your campaign —

THE PRESIDENT: Wait. Wait. Wait. You know why we need the people, don’t you? Because we have hundreds of companies moving in. We need the people.

Q Right. But your campaign had an ad showing migrants climbing over walls and so on.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, that’s true. They weren’t actors. They weren’t actors.

Q They’re not going to be doing that.

THE PRESIDENT: They weren’t actors. Well, no, it was true. Do you think they were actors? They weren’t actors. They didn’t come from Hollywood. These were — these were people — this was an actual — you know, it happened a few days ago. And —

Q They’re hundreds of miles of way though. They’re hundreds and hundreds of miles away.

THE PRESIDENT: You know what?

Q That’s not an invasion.

THE PRESIDENT: I think you should — honestly, I think you should let me run the country, you run CNN —

Q All right.

THE PRESIDENT: — and if you did it well, your ratings would be much better.

Q But let me ask, if I — if I may ask one other question —

THE PRESIDENT: Okay, that’s enough.

Q Mr. President, if I may — if I may ask one other question.

THE PRESIDENT [to another reporter]: Okay, Peter, go ahead.

Q Are you worried —

THE PRESIDENT: That’s enough. That’s enough. That’s enough.

Q [Acosta interrupting] Mr. President, I didn’t — well, I was going to ask one other. The other folks that had —

THE PRESIDENT: That’s enough. That’s enough.

Q [Acosta] Pardon me, ma’am, I’m — Mr. President —

THE PRESIDENT: Excuse me, that’s enough.

Q  [Acosta interrupting] interrupting] Mr. President, I had one other question if —

THE PRESIDENT: Peter. Let’s go.

Q [Acosta still interrupting] — I may ask on the Russia investigation. Are you concerned that you may have indictments —

THE PRESIDENT: I’m not concerned about anything with the Russia investigation because it’s a hoax.

Q — that you may indictments coming down? Are you —

THE PRESIDENT: That’s enough. Put down the mic.

Q [Acosta continuing] Mr. President, are you worried about indictments coming down in this investigation?

Q Mr. President —

THE PRESIDENT: I’ll tell you what: CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them. You are a rude, terrible person. You shouldn’t be working for CNN.

THE PRESIDENT [to the other reporter]:Go ahead.

Q [Acosta yet again] I think that’s unfair.

THE PRESIDENT: You’re a very rude person. The way you treat Sarah Huckabee is horrible. And the way you treat other people are horrible. You shouldn’t treat people that way.

THE PRESIDENT [to the other reporter] Go ahead. Go ahead, Peter. Go ahead.


As my colleague Joe Cunningham points out, Acosta should have been removed long ago.


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