Islamic State ‘Capital’ of Raqqa Falls to U.S.-Backed Forces

FILE – In this July 17, 2017 file photo, Smoke rises from a coalition airstrike which attacked an Islamic State position, on the front line on the western side of Raqqa, northeast Syria. (AP Photo/Hussein Malla, File)

The Washington Times reports Raqqa, Daesh’s so-called capital of its self-proclaimed “caliphate,” has fallen to U.S.-backed forces after a four-month campaign to liberate the occupied city.

American and allied commanders with the U.S. coalition combating Islamic State in Iraq and Syria declared an end to major combat operations in the eastern Syrian city, one of the first major metropolitan areas to be taken by Daesh, three years ago.

Leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces, or SDF, the group of Arab and Kurdish paramilitaries battling Daesh in Syria, said Tuesday that it had taken control of the city’s government center, municipal stadium and Paradise Square, where the terror group would regularly conduct public executions:

“Everything is finished in Raqqa, our forces have taken full control of Raqqa,” SDF spokesman Talal Sello told Agence France-Presse Tuesday.

Militiamen, backed by American air power, continue to clear pockets of Islamic State resistance in the city.


The SDF has been supported by a U.S.-led coalition with air strikes and special forces since it started the fight for Raqqa in early June.

The U.S. support of the SDF, which includes Kurdish People’s Protection Units, or YPG, angered American ally and NATO member Turkey. The YPG are the armed faction of the Kurdish Worker’s Party, or PKK — the Kurdish separatist group, which Turkey labels a terrorist organization.

This year the Daesh terrorists have lost most of the territory it conquered in Syria and Iraq including Mosul. So much for Daesh’s terrorist caliphate. Good riddance!


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