Politico Rallies the Futile Resistance Declaring Trump Weak and Ineffectual

President-elect Donald Trump smiles as he arrives to speak at an election night rally, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016, in New York. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

The biased media wing of the Democrats’ Party lead by the ever extremist left-wing Politico today published an article entitled, “Donald the Weak: Trump may aspire to be a strongman, but he’s proving to be an exceptionally ineffectual president.”


Wow. A whole three weeks into President Donald J. Trump’s presidency and they declare President Trump “weak” and “ineffectual.”

Before we delve into the nonsense that is this hatchet job, please note that it is written by Matthew Miller. Miller is now a partner at an outfit called Vianovo, which according to Wikipedia is a “bipartisan” United States and Mexico-based management and communication consultancy. According to Miller’s Vianovo bio, before becoming one of  Vianovo’s “leaders” he was the director of the Office of Public Affairs at the Justice Department serving as Attorney General Eric Holder’s spokesman. You remember Holder, the only Attorney General ever held in contempt of Congress. Prior to that Miller was communications director for the House Democratic Caucus and  Sen. Charles Schumer. In 2004 Miller led the Kerry presidential campaign’s Florida press operation.

Now, considering the source, there is little to discuss about Miller’s hit piece. It reads like the vast majority of articles the news media have published criticizing President Trump. The mainstream media have devolved into those nattering nabobs of negativism — a phrase coined by William Safire and made famous by Vice President Spiro Agnew.


Miller offers little but typical left wing name calling such as “the bellowing Wizard of Oz.” Miller criticizes Trump’s interactions with China, grovels in the judicial obstruction of Judge James Robart abetted by the Ninth Circuit. Miller appears to be oblivious to the fact that eventually federal judges will get around to permitting Trump’s Executive Order “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States,” to be enforced. That fact seems to be understood by all those rushing people from the seven suspect countries into the country as quickly as possible.

This passage from Millers disparagement of President Trump shows that he like many others continues to underestimate President Trump:

Trump’s rolling circus of chaos has also confounded the press, which can barely dig into one major controversy before a new one erupts.

But for all the president’s authoritarian tendencies and unwillingness to respect traditional norms and institutions, his inability to moderate his mouth, effectively manage the government or successfully negotiate with foreign leaders have left his presidency wounded and weakened. He will undoubtedly manage some successes over the coming months, but the character flaws that have been so evident throughout his public life have so far proved largely debilitating inside the Oval Office.


In the end perhaps Miller, the Democrats, the still never Trumpers and all the other nattering nabobs of negativity will be right and Trump will fail. I remain hopeful and optimistic and continue to believe President Trump should be give a chance. As I’ve said before, whether President Trump is able to overcome the inertia of the Political Establishment and accomplish his agenda for the first hundred days of his presidency will tell us if he is likely to be a successful president. Writing off president Trump as a “weak” and “exceptionally ineffectual” president after a mere three weeks in office and with half of his cabinet still yet to be confirmed due to the Democrats’ obstruction is premature to say the least.


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