Conservatives Call for Investigation (Possible Rico) into Leftwing Groups Attacking U.S. Political Process


Nearly forty prominent Conservative thought leaders from across the country released a letter Tuesday, expressing concern about foreign-funded influence, violence and constitutional threats. These leaders  recognize the extreme left-wing protests that materialized after President-elect Donald Trump won are, like the violent protests at Trump campaign rallies, are being manufactured to delegitimize Trump’s mandate from American voters.


These leaders note that:

Political discourse, and even expressions of anger and outrage, are protected forms of speech. However, violence and physical threats against the safety and well-being of citizens, including threats of assassination and harm against the President-elect and the next First Lady, have no place in American society, where we periodically settle our differences at the ballot box.

Further, foreign powers and subversive domestic groups are funding influence operations to divide our country and foment chaos and disruption. These groups seeking to erode national sovereignty wish to prevent America from becoming great again.

The leaders have specific recommendations for the Obama administration, the upcoming Trump administration and the next Congress which you can read below:




You can also read the entire open letter about their concern over foreign-funded threats and violence below:


An Open Letter of Concern About Foreign-Funded Influence, Violence, & Constitutional Threats by on Scribd


Ask your elected officials and representatives to pursue this.


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