What Trump Must Accomplish During the Final Debate


Donald Trump to have any chance of beating Hillary Clinton must do much more than prosecute Hillary.

During an October 17, 2016 appearance on “Fox and Friends” political consultant and pollster Frank Luntz discussed what Trump needs to do to win tonight’s debate at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and maybe the election. These are the five things Luntz say Trump must do to win.


Trump should make a humble and heartfelt apology to women. Something like, there are things I’ve said in my life that I deeply regret. Then he should look right into the camera lens and say I ask for your forgiveness and I will seek to earn it in the months and years that follow. When you tell someone you want to earn their trust and respect it communicates sincerity, something sorely missing so far from this battle between The Hillary and The Donald.  Then Trump must stop talking about the women. It doesn’t matter that he feels defensive and put upon. Any president will be attacked for a lot of things. He must get over it.

He should call for a forensic budget of the federal government’s bloated budget. According to Frank Luntz the number one issue the American people have right now is ending wasteful Washington spending. Luntz says only a businessman like Trump can conduct such an audit program by program with accountability.

Trump needs to announce whom he would appoint to the key cabinet posts such as  secretary of State, Defense and the Treasury because those are the areas the public cares about the most.

He needs to talk about Hillary Clinton in terms of her three decades in Washington. Asking the voters if during those long decades, did they get the change they want and deserve?


This is a change election. The issue should be which candidate will shake Washington, D.C. to its core. Trump should ask the rhetorical question, which of the two candidates can better bring change and hold Washington accountable. That cannot be Hillary. She wants to serve Obama’s third term.  On a number of issues, such as gun control and supporting illegal immigrants, Hillary says Obama has not gone far enough.

According to Luntz if Trump does those things, he wins the debate and maybe the election.

I would add that Trump must stop all his personal attacks and name calling and act presidential as he has said he can.


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