Hillary Trades Her Green Credentials for a $50,000 a Plate Big Sugar Fundraiser

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton went to Miami yesterday and screwed up traffic. The Hillary Campaign made a big deal about Hillary’s Obama-like photo op event in America’s only active Zika transmission zone. Hillary apparently thought it would be okay to inconvenience and Miami Beach residents and make it practicably impossible for them to leave their homes while she posed for a video clip to use in a campaign ad. The New Miami Times was merciless with a headline screaming, “Hillary Clinton Is Coming to Miami Today, and Traffic Is Gonna Suck.”


Miami Beach officials are already warned folks that traffic around the major causeways would suck:

Traffic due to a major event on TUE 8/9 expect delays along the MacArthur & Julia Tuttle Cswys from 3:30PM – 8:30PM pic.twitter.com/FpJPGMMxKV — City of Miami Beach (@MiamiBeachNews) August 8, 2016

In terms of local traffic, this meant Clinton’s motorcade and media circus blocked the mainland foot of the Julia Tuttle Causeway on Biscayne Boulevard — arguably already the worst intersection in town.

Hillary’s real reason for messing up Miami Beach’s already abominable traffic was a $50,000-per-plate fundraiser held for Hillary by Big Sugar kingpin Alfonso “Alfy” Fanjul, a longtime friend of the Clintons who famously spoke to Bill Clinton while the former president cavorted with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office.  Jose “Pepe” Fanjul has agreed to host a fundraiser for Donald Trump. The Fanjul brothers, the longest-reigning Big Sugar barons in Florida, own Florida Crystals, a company that has for decades been accused of polluting the Florida Everglades ecosystem while buying off politicians through campaign contributions. The brothers partially own Domino Sugar and control roughly 40 percent of the state’s sugar industry.


A Big Sugar-hosted fundraiser is not the best optic for a candidate accused of cozying up to corporate donors, especially because Fanjul-owned companies are thought by many to have contributed to that thick layer of bubbling giant phosphorescent plumes of ooze and slime from the green and blue algae bloom that sprouted off of Florida’s Treasure Coast in July. I wonder if the NRDC Action Fund, a political affiliate of the Natural Resources Defense Council, is having second thoughts about its endorsement of Hillary.



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