Trump has No Campaign Infrastructure in Remaining Primary States

Caricature by DonkeyHotey
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Caricature by DonkeyHotey

Roger Stone, the former senior adviser to Donald Trump who left the campaign last November claims that Trump’s campaign has virtually no infrastructure in the remaining primary states. Stone said Trump’s huge “landslide loss” in Wisconsin should be a warning that the campaign needs to be better organized in states like Pennsylvania, Maryland and Indiana:


Look, Trump’s campaign has been fueled, from the beginning, with these hot button issues and an extraordinary communications-based strategy, where you utilize these huge rallies, the incredible media coverage they have generated, plus the high-profile debates, plus — give Trump credit — any interview he could do, as many interviews as he could do to reach as many voters he can reach.

That has worked. Up until now.

More like up until Utah, but yeah. Stone also suggested the Donald’s campaign has been run by amateurs, revealing that the same woman who ran Trump’s campaign operation in Wisconsin “previously ran Oklahoma for Trump” and had zero experience running any type of political campaign. Stone went on to say that was something he saw again and again.

This confirms and explains the burgeoning discord in the Trump campaign reported by Moe Lane. That discord quickly escalated into an internal team Trump civil war against the controversial campaign manager Corey Lewandowki, as streiff reported. The Trump campaign has never been accused of being a highly organized and smoothly functioning organization

Finally Stone talked about the problems the disorganized Trump campaign will have as states elect the delegates they’ll send to the Republican National Convention.

Now you move to a series of states like Colorado, Wyoming, and Arizona [which] should be watched very carefully. Those become hand-to-hand combat at state conventions or state committee meetings, where once again the Trump people have built no infrastructure.

[. . .]

We also have to wonder, what is the psychological impact of Trump’s support in those states now that he has lost a stand-alone primary and lost it by double digits.


Stone was more a day late and dollar short there. As Sen. Ted Cruz pointed out in his Wisconsin victory speech, five days ago the Cruz Campaign won all six delegates selected in the first two Colorado congressional districts to choose delegates. Then four days ago in North Dakota, eighteen of the delegates selected are supporting Cruz and only one is supporting Trump.

It’s going to be interesting to see the  “psychological impact” on Trump’s campaign of Cruz’ recent string of victories.



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