Rubio: Lots of People are Going to be Embarrassed Tonight

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Sen. Marco Rubio said Tuesday that pollsters and networks are going to be “embarrassed” after Florida’s primary Tuesday night:

I think a bunch of networks are going to have to ask their pollsters for their money back. Polls this election cycle are horrifying.

“Quite frankly, I think a lot of people are going to be embarrassed tonight and are going to want refunds from the money they spent on those polls because we’re going to win Florida,” Rubio said. “We feel very optimistic about that.”


I will be happy to be embarrassed. Yes the polling has been terrible, but a nearly 20-point error would be impressive — even in this environment. The Real Clear Politics average for Florida Republican Presidential Primary has Trump leading by 18.3 points.

I’m more concerned that Rubio planning to continue campaigning in Arizona and Utah regardless of the Florida outcome. It just isn’t any longer feasible for Rubio to win the delegates required to secure the nomination. All he or Kasich can manage to do now is to become an effective spoiler for Sen. Ted Cruz — the only candidate for has a chance of defeating Trump. I hope Kasich and Rubio haven’t accomplished that already.


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