Iowa Voter Registrations Surge

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Image Credit: Shutterstock

The Iowa Secretary of State released the monthly voter registration numbers and the new numbers show a surge in both Republican and Democrat registrations over the past few days and throughout January. Almost 1,500 Iowans have registered vote for in the past four days. Here are the latest voter registration numbers:


February 1

Democrats: 586,835
Republicans: 615,763
No Party: 727,112
Other: 7,607
Total: 1,937,317

January 27

Democrats: 586,211
Republicans: 615,066
No Party: 726,999
Other: 7,597
Total: 1,935,873

Increases by Party from January 27-February 1

Democrats: +624
Republicans: +697
No Party: +113
Other: +10
Totals: +1,444

Both the Republican and Democratic parties saw significant increases in voter registration from the previous month’s totals. Here are the numbers from the beginning of January:

January 4

Democrats: 584,111
Republicans: 612,112
No Party: 726,819
Other: 7,555
Totals: 1,930,597

Increases by Party from January 4-February 1

Democrats: +2,724
Republicans: +3,651
No Party: +293
Other: +52
Total: +6,720

The surge in registrations may portend a larger than usual turnout. Insiders believe such an occurrence would benefit Donald Trump in the Republican Caucuses and Bernie Sanders in the Democrat Caucuses. More than 3,600,  3,651 to be exact, active Republican voters registered in January. According to Eliza Collins,that figure is greater than the largest boost over the past three cycles — the 3,262 Democratic caucus-goers who registered in the month prior to the 2008 contest that was energized by the campaign of then-Sen. Barack Obama.



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