More than a million people sign petition to defund ObamaCare

As of Labor Day morning, more than a million people have signed the “Don’t Fund It [ObamCare]” petition.

More then a million people sign petition to defund ObamaCare

This is an incredible accomplishment by Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, former Senator Jim DeMint and Heritage Action, and the Senate Conservatives Fund.


Senator Cruz has given speech, after speech, after speech encouraging the people to speak out in favor of defunding ObamaCare:

I can’t win this fight. There is no elected politician in Washington who can win this fight. The only people who can win this fight are you. The only people who can win this fight are the American people rising up in overwhelming numbers and saying, ‘We want our country back.’

Fourteen Senators have now signed Senator Lee’s letter to eliminate ObamaCare funding:

For these reasons, we will not support any continuing resolution or appropriations legislation that funds further implementation or enforcement of Obamacare.

Former Senator DeMint and Heritage Action spent the last two weeks of August conducting a “Defund Obamacare Town Hall Tour.”

The Conservatives Fund has paid for Defund ObamaCare ads with and Senators Cruz and Lee.  In his ad Cruz hits the following points we’ve reported previously:


The fund is also running radio ads calling for Senators Alexander, Flake and McConnell to oppose all funding for ObamaCare.

All in all a great effort by all concerned. But in the words of Hans Solo, don’t get cocky. Unfortunately the biggest impediment to defunding ObamaCare is the GOP establishment. Keep spreading the word about defunding ObamaCare and how it can be accomplished.


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