One of America's unrepentant terrorists to lead Romney protest

Eric briefly covered this on Friday evening, but it deserves even more attention.

Later today, Gov. Romney will be fundraising in the Hamptons. The left is planning a massive protest, busing in the usual left-wing suspects, including the Democrat supported Occupy, Move On, GreenPeace, etc. That these radical groups would choose to protest the presumptive Republican nominee is not surprising.


What is unusual, is the fact that the protest is being led by one of America’s unrepentant terrorists — Andy Stepanian. Stepanian a so-called Liberal/Progressive activist is an admitted convicted terrorist, who boasts about being praised for “succeeding where Karl Marx and the Red Brigades failed.” Sort of reminds one of Bill Ayers and Van Jones who helps astroturf the Occupy Movement and American Autumn

The Terrorist-led protest is especially ironic, considering that David Axelrod has publicly said he condemns heckling Romney’s campaign. Nevertheless, I’m sure the Obama campaign won’t say a peep about a convicted terrorist organizing protests designed to do just that. The mainstream media certainly won’t bring it up either, although you can bet they’ll give coverage to the protests.


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