Palin rallies Orange County with terrific Victory 2010 speech

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on Saturday rallied an excited crowd at a Republican National Committee rally in Orange County.

Palin took on the Democrats’ leaders:


“Are you ready to fight for your freedoms?You fire Pelosi, retire Reid and their whole band of merry followers, and we get back on the right track.”

She took on the press:

“For the press, yes I shall be invoking Reagan’s name again, and again, and again.You won’t be hearing me invoking or quoting Alinsky, or Mao. We’re kind of a Reagan kind of crowd around here.”

She invoked President Reagan’s ability to relate to the little guy:

“Reagan related to the unpretentious, hard working, patriotic, pro-family, freedom loving, middle class, job creating little guys.Make Nov. 2nd Freedom Day and take it back for the little guy.”

Palin also offered President Obama some advice as to whom he should apologize to:

“How about apologizing to the 15 million people who are looking for work today.”

There is much more “TEA Party movement red meat” in this speech.

Here is a two minute teaser video posted by the Associated Press:


You can watch the full speech at Right Side Politics.


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