BUZZ CUT: Don't California America

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

OK, everybody. Huddle up. 

Let’s be completely real: Joe Biden isn’t going to make it as a candidate in the November 2024 presidential election, much less an additional four years in office. You know it, I know it, and most registered Democrats know it. He’s a placeholder, a bookmark. His cognitive and physical abilities are almost gone.  The most important person in the world, operating from the most important building in the world, is incapable of navigating a speech, an event, or an interview without melting into a puddle of inane statements and outright lies. It's right in front of you — turn on your TV.

The problem facing Democrats in the near term — and the nation — is that #2 is even a bigger mess, less popular, and less capable than the “Big Guy.” It’s hard to imagine a politician less popular than Biden, but it’s true. It’s our vice president. In fact, Kamala Harris is polling worse than any vice president in our nation’s history. Marinate on that. An NBC poll released recently found that only 32 percent of registered voters have a positive view of Harris compared to 49 percent holding a negative view. With a net -17, which NBC News noted is “the lowest for any vice president in the poll’s history,” Harris has been a disaster for Democrats. 

And it’s not because she’s a "black woman” or a “history maker,” as a CNN commentator recently claimed. It’s because she’s inept, a horrible public speaker, unlikeable on a Hillary Clinton level, has the persona of a bad kindergarten teacher, and is visibly lazy. From her beginning as California’s Attorney General to her brief stint as a senator to her current role as vice president, Harris’ ambition has always greatly outweighed her capabilities. And people of all political beliefs see it. When she ran for the Democrat presidential nomination in 2020, she was forced to withdraw based on her inability to articulate policy positions, speak publicly, and raise money. Even Californians see through her. When she withdrew, she was polling fifth among Democrat candidates in her own state!

So, the Democrat strategist and pundit industry is churning. They don’t want Biden, and they sure as hell don’t want Kamala. Enter another Californian, Governor Gavin Newsom. He of the French Laundry gourmet dining and keeping his Plumpjack Winery open during the state-wide COVID lockdowns when your children were locked out of schools. Yes, that guy.

Newsom has destroyed our state. I know; I live here and have, off and on, since 1993. The once “Golden State” of idyllic weather, gorgeous beaches, majestic mountains, endless farmland, and an abundance of natural resources is now a cesspool of crime, high taxes, homelessness, feces-lined sidewalks, poor public education, high unemployment, the highest cost of living in the nation, and welfare rolls. There was a time when people flocked to California for the lifestyle, weather, and opportunity. Now, hundreds of thousands are fleeing the state for the opportunities, lower taxes, safety, education, and politics of Texas, Tennessee, and Florida.

Californians awarded the guy who destroyed San Francisco as the mayor with the ability to destroy California as governor. Now he’s sitting in the wings on Biden Death Watch, planning his destruction of the country. He’s measuring the Oval Office for drapes. His wife is redecorating the Lincoln Bedroom. Newsom likes to brag about California being the fifth-largest economy in the world. And it’s true. But what have his policies resulted in with all that money?

In the second part of this series, we’ll detail exactly what Newsom’s “leadership” has accomplished in this state and why it portends disaster for our republic if we even entertain a Newsom presidency. Specifically, the California tax structure that’s the most onerous in the nation, California’s homelessness, which is also the highest in the nation, public welfare recipients (you guessed it, also #1 in the U.S.), and the state’s failed public education system. All coming to you, America, if we’re not informed.

Don’t “California” America. We’ll never recover. Stay tuned.


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